Are you planning to travel to The Netherlands or are you currently in The Netherlands? Find here information about traveling to and in The Netherlands in times of Covid-19.

Before arranging your travel to the Netherlands, please check the Dutch measures against Covid-19 here for travelling to consult the current measures taken. In some cases you need to carry extra documents, take a PCR test shortly before departure or go into mandatory quarantine upon arrival. To get the most up to date information continue to check the web sites of the Dutch government since advices might change. This is a very helpful travel advice site. Next to this we recommend that you book a direct flight to the Netherlands!. Other countries may have different rules and regulations which can make it very difficult to travel through to the Netherlands, do check the rules and requirements that apply very carefully, this will be your own responsibility. 

Please note if you are traveling from a high risk country it is mandatory to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival, even if you might not have any symptoms, are vaccinated and/or are tested negatively on Covid-19. So please take over these quarantine measurements upon arrival in the Netherlands. You may be fined if you do not have quarantine declaration or if you do not comply with the mandatory quarantine requirement. Find details here.

At the moment, it is mandatory to wear face masks at the Airports and in public transportation in the Netherlands, including taxis. If you are sharing a car with other people than your own family, it is advisable to wear a face mask, too. You will risk a substantial fine in case you fail to do so. For additional information on Dutch Covid-19 rules and regulations please check this page.