At Saxion, we strive to offer a hybrid form of online and on-site classes. However, online classes will become and stay an important part of our education. It depends on your study programme whether your classes will be offered online or on-site.

Whether your classes will be offered online or at Saxion depends on your study programme. Keep up to date by checking our FAQ and find out how your study programme will look like. Please check with your study programme whether your classes will be offered online or on-site. 

If you are in the Netherlands and your study programme offers classes at Saxion, we do understand that you might have some questions regarding the public transportion. The regional public transportation has asked students to avoid rush hours in the morning. It is allowed to travel during rush hours, but to a limited extent. Rush hours in the morning in the Netherlands are starting from 6:30 AM – 9:00 AM CET. In order to let students avoid the rush hours, classes will be scheduled after 9:30 AM CET (with some exceptions). Please make sure to travel by bike or foot as much as possible and avoid public transport. 

With these measures taken, we hope to create a suitable time schedule for you as a student. This time schedule will be published at the latest on the 24th of August.

In addition, we gathered tips on how to stay productive while studying at home.