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Connect International Talent programme

Through the Connect International Talent Programme, Saxion University and the University of Twente offer a unique opportunity for international graduates and regional companies.

The programme is beneficial for all parties involved. Companies can easily access recently graduated high potentials and get the chance to hire them for a certain period of time against most attractive conditions.

For graduates the programme helps them to find their way on to the Dutch job market, it is a way to kick start their careers. The additional training the programme provides proves to be most useful when starting work in The Netherlands.

Both Saxion University and University of Twente see it as a way to broaden their relations with the corporate world, and are happy to be able to provide this extra service to their international graduates. 


A career development programme directly after graduating

The Connect International Talent programme offers Saxion and University of Twente graduates a career Development Programme directly after graduating. Since companies and organizations with international ambitions are most interested in hiring high skilled workers with knowledge of, and experience in, specific cultures, languages and countries, Saxion and Twente University cooperate in guiding international students to find their way on the Dutch labour market.

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Students connect programme

Looking for highly skilled workers with an international mindset?

The international graduates from Saxion and Twente University are highly motivated, ambitious and are fast learners. They are keen to start their career in the Netherlands and are planning a long term stay here.

Employers that have already worked together with Connect International Talent vary from small or medium sized companies to multinationals. A few examples: Siemens Turbomachinery, Randstad Holding, Pentair, PowerPacker, Rotor, De LageLanden, Vitens, Receps, etc.

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More about Connect International Talent

This programme offers our international graduates a traineeship in a company or an institution in The Netherlands for a time period between six and twelve months, directly after graduating.

Companies and organisations with international ambitions are most interested in hiring high skilled workers with knowledge of and experience in specific cultures, languages and countries. Not only as regards technical staff, but also for management, logistics, sales and marketing positions.

Through Saxion’s extensive network of companies and organizations in different industries all over the Netherlands, graduates have excellent possibilities to find an interesting place for a traineeship.

So also after graduation, Saxion stays involved, and helps its graduates find their way on the international job market.

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Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Province of Overijssel, Province of Gelderland & Chamber of Commerce East Netherlands