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Connect International Talent for Employees

Connect International Talenttraineeship programme or through the newly introduced Incubatorships. 

International graduates from Saxion and Twente University come from all over the world and graduate from one of our Bachelor or Master programmes. Whilst finishing their programme they can apply for Connect International Talent, where they will go through a strict selection process.

After selection, the candidates are prepared for working in the Netherlands through different training sessions, such as communication and intercultural skills, and Dutch language classes. Meanwhile, they will be presented to and matched with companies.

When a successful match is made with an employer, trainees sign a temporary labour contract with the company. The duration of a traineeship is flexible, but usually lies between 6 and 12 months. During this time trainees receive a modest salary; minimum wage for 23 year olds and up, as established by Dutch law. Trainees will carry out previously described and agreed projects and tasks. These can be specific projects, but may also involve the trainee taking part in the daily work routine of a team or department.

First of all, companies like the international mindset of Connect International Talentcandidates.

Apart from that, the specific knowledge an international graduate has of his/her language, country and culture, can be most valuable for companies trading with this country, having an office there, exploring the market, or to communicate with suppliers and clients, etc.

Also, since our candidates have recently graduated, they possess the most updated knowledge in their field of work.

Companies find the traineeship or Incubatorship a financially attractive and flexible way of finding out whether a candidate is a good match for the employer.

There is no need for a long and expensive recruitment and selection process, since that is already done by Connect International Talent. Also, companies highly value the involvement of both Saxion and Twente University before and during the traineeship or Incubatorship period.

All candidates speak fluent English, their knowledge of Dutch varies from person to person, but all are learning Dutch. The programmes they studied vary from technical to commercial, and from environmental technology to marketing (Bachelor and Master). 

Work and residence permit are arranged. Most candidates make use of the “search year permit”, which allows international graduates with a Dutch higher education diploma to stay and work in the Netherlands up to a year after graduation.

All candidates are planning a long term stay in the Netherlands.


If, after finishing the traineeship or Incubatorship, both employer and trainee would like to continue the work relationship, the contract can be extended.

The salary should be competitive from that moment on. The residence and work permit most candidates and companies opt for after the search year, is "highly skilled immigrant permit".

The Connect International Talent management can provide more information on this regulation: