Saxion International Week 2019

Saxion International Week

Ko Wieringa, M.H. Tromplaan 28, Enschede

Welcome to the international week of Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

The following schools participate:


School of Governance, Law & and Urban Development


School of Applied Psychology and Human Resource Management


School of Finance & Accounting


School of Commerce and Entrepreneurship


International Business School


Hospitality Business School


School of Social Work


School of Creative Technology


School of Education


School of Health


Life Science, Engineering & Design


Jan des Bouvrie Academy

Location: Apeldoorn | Deventer | Enschede


Photo impression International Week

This year you and other guest lecturers will join us at Saxion in Deventer or Enschede to teach regular classes with an international twist. 

if this is your first time visiting the Netherlands, below you can read more about Deventer and Enschede 

Deventer is a city in the Dutch province of Overijssel. It is a city rich with culture and historic sights. As one of the oldest Dutch citiest — having been founded around AD 768 — it boasts the country's oldest park, oldest library and oldest brick house.


Deventer's small historic centre is very suitable to navigation on foot. The Tourist Information Office can provide themed walking routes, but a casual stroll through the centre will offer lovely sights by itself. 

Deventer festivals

Deventer is home to three cultural festivals:

Enschede (called Eanske in the local dialect) is a city in the east of the Netherlands, close to the German border. The city has a long history rooted in the textile industry, with industrialisation stimulating growth and expansion. After the textile industry came to a halt in the 1970s, the city fell into a slump, but recovered and was rebuilt. Nowadays Enschede is a modern city boasting many educational institutes, a focus on technology and on euregional cooperation. Enschede is a member of the EUREGIO, a European cross-border cooperative partnership with Germany.

Well-known activities

  • The Marathon of Enschede — the oldest Dutch marathon, whose first run was organised in 1947.
  • The Batavierenrace — Enschede is the finish line for the Batavierenrace, the world's largest relay race. More than 8500 students from all over the world participate each year.

Student city

Hosting two universities, a music school (conservatory) and an art academy make Enschede a vibrant student city. There is an active night life and many shops and boutiques. Enschede is the epicente for arts and culture in the east of the Netherlands.

See the tourist information website for more information about Enschede.

  • Ko Wieringa, M.H. Tromplaan 28, Enschede

  • 18 up to and including 21 March 2019

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