Learning Guide

Throughout your studies at Saxion, you will come across several tools that support your education. Most of these tools are webbased. We've listed some of the most important tools below. If you have any questions about using these tools, please report to the Servicedesk.

Table of contents

Using a Saxion computer Connecting to the WiFi network
Saxion Intranet MySaxion Quarantainenet: no WiFi connection
Saxion E-mail Blackboard
Timetables Study progress

Using a Saxion computer

You’ll find computer rooms all around our campuses. Our computers are equipped with Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010 and are free to use for students.

Logging in

When starting up the computer, you will be asked to provide a username and password. Your student number serves as the username and we’ve provided you with a password upon registration at Saxion.

Using the computer

We assume you already are familiar with Microsoft Windows systems. If you have any questions about using Saxion’s computer systems, report to the IT Servicedesk. Most of the systems we use are web based, you can use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to use them.

Saxion Intranet MySaxion

MySaxion is our university’s private network for sharing information. Important announcements will be communicated via MySaxion, but you will also need to register for exams via intranet.

Logging in

  1. Start your internet browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox).
  2. Surf to www.mysaxion.nl.
  3. Log in:
    1. Gebruikersnaam (username): your student number.
    2. Wachtwoord (password): your password.

First time users

If you log in to the intranet for the first time, you will be asked to set your preferences. As Dutch is the default language, we are first going to change the preferred language to English. After that you can select the school, programme and class you are in.

  1. Choose your preferred language: ‘Voorkeurstaal’ – ‘Engels’.
  2. Select your class:
    1. Click ‘Extra lesprofielen toevoegen’
    2. Select your school
    3. Select your programme
    4. Select your class

Saxion E-mail

Every student is provided with a Saxion e-mail address. Your e-mail address consists of the following: < student number > @ student.saxion.nl

For example: 123456@student.saxion.nl

Your Saxion e-mail address is the main medium through which the school communicates. Make sure you use this e-mail address!

Logging in

  1. Open your internet browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox).
  2. Surf to https://webmail.saxion.nl/.
  3. Log in:
    1. Username: your student number.
    2. Password: your password.

Setting your preferred language

1. Go to your name (rechtsbovenin) and click on 'Voorkeuren'.
2. Go to 'Internationaal' (international)
3. Go to 'Taalinstelling/ Deze taal afbeelden'
4. Select your preferred language
5. Click 'Save & close'.


You can easily access your timetable online.

  1. Open your internet browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox).
  2. Surf to http://roosters.saxion.nl/?lang=en.
  3. Use the search to either look up your class’ or a specific teacher’s schedule.

You can also use a mobile, Dutch only version on your mobile device via http://roosters.saxion.nl/pda.php.

Connecting to the WiFi network

Throughout our campuses we provide wireless internet, so you can bring your own laptop or tablet computer and use the internet connection. How to connect to the network will change according to what system and operating system you are using.

  1. Network name: Eduroam.
  2. Username: studentmuber@saxion.nl (i.e 123456@saxion.nl)
  3. Password: your password.

With the Eduroam network you will automatically connect to other educational institutions and research centres in Europe.

If you are unable to log in, please report to the IT Service Desk. 


Quarantainenet: no WiFi connection

At Saxion we use the security technique of Quarantainenet. If your laptop is not 'safe' (e.g. your laptop has a virus) and you do not meet certain Quarantainenet requirements your connection to the WiFi network will be blocked an you'll no longer have access to the wireless network.

When this is the case for your laptop you can solve the problem by installing all Windows updates and download and install updates for the virus scanner. If your laptop is 'safe' again you will get access to the wireless network.


Saxion uses Blackboard to publish course material, assignments etc.

  1. Start your internetbrowser.
  2. Go to http://leren.saxion.nl.
  3. Login with your username (student number) and password.

Tip: you can use the button on the homepage (UK flag) to switch to English.

Study progress

Your study progress is also monitored via an online tool. Via Bison you can register for exams and find your marks.

  1. Start your internetbrowser.
  2. Go to http://bison.saxion.nl.
  3. Login with your username (student number) and password.