Een baan bij Adidas: ervaring van Marcel
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A job at Adidas after finishing your programme? Read Marcel's experience here

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In the third and fourth year of the program, F&TT students can go and explore the world of fashion and textiles during their internships and exchange semesters. Marcel is a graduate student - He decided to go for two different internships at two exciting companies: Acne Studios in Stockholm and Adidas near Nürnberg. Now, he is working at Adidas as an employee. Find out what he learned from his experience!

How did you structure your third and fourth year of your studies at F&TT?

I decided to start my third year with the Smart Solutions Semester which I personally found to be the best option. After that, in the second semester of the 3rd year, I did my first internship at Acne Studios in Stockholm. Finally, for the 1st semester of the 4th year, I went on a second internship at Adidas in Germany.

Cool! You would have also had the option to do an exchange semester instead of a second internship, why didn’t you choose to do that?

That was actually my plan! I applied for an exchange semester in Copenhagen, but due to a regulation regarding Erasmus, they were required to limit the spots for internationals, so I wasn’t accepted in the end.

Alright, starting with Acne Studios, what position did you apply for and how did you get the job?

It was quite spontaneous. Since plan A (Copenhagen) didn’t work out, I was lucky to find the position in the Saxion’s internship Facebook group. A former teacher posted a position in Quality and CSR at Acne. I sent them my CV and motivational letter and landed a call interview with them. When I got the job, I couldn’t believe it, I was so excited!

I couldn't believe it when I got the job. I was so excited!

Een baan bij Adidas: ervaring van Marcel
Fashion & Textile Technologies-student Marcel

Did you also apply for other companies?

Yes, I did. I also applied for Puma and C&A, so actually not that many.

What were your everyday tasks at the company?

I spent a lot of time in the lab with my team solving quality issues based on customer experiences, for example, if someone experienced problems after washing a garment, or if buttons were too loose. For quality testing, the labs were equipped with machines I was already familiar with from Saxion, like the pilling machine and the abrasion resistance machine. Problem solving was on my agenda as well. Another part of my role involved CSR, so sustainability related topics and checking if all standards were met with our materials. An example would be Mohair which has quite a lot of regulations. My role was even cross-functional, collaborating with the design team and product development.

What was the most exciting thing that you experienced with Acne Studios?

I don’t think I can name one specific thing, but what mostly surprised me, positively, was the atmosphere, especially amongst colleagues. Since Acne is a high-fashion brand, I expected there to be more of a power difference and hierarchy, but everyone was super friendly.

What were some hardships you experienced during your internship at Acne Studios?

I think in general, the “lab-thing” is not really my preference, but I was very intrigued to experience working at a high-end brand like Acne and living in Stockholm. I spent a lot of time in the lab, which I already did at Saxion as a student assistant. An internship in the product development department or design would have been very interesting for me, reflecting back. But it was such a valuable experience, my team was very cool and supportive.

What made you decide to go for a second internship at Adidas and how did it differ from your first internship? (Position, tasks)

During my first internship I noticed how much I enjoyed being in a real working environment. It is a plus to have more working experience when applying for a job after graduation. The way I ended up at Adidas was also very spontaneous. My friend recommended it to me, so I tried my luck and got a position in the product development department for soccer garments. As an intern at a big cooperation like Adidas, you do not get that much responsibility, but I got a great insight and supported my team with their tasks as much as possible. It was very cross-functional, mainly working with marketing, design and material development. We were presented the styles for the coming season and our task was to initiate the production process with our manufacturers, handling the PLM systems, fittings and sample comments.


What was the most exciting thing that you experienced with Adidas?

Again, I cannot point my finger at one thing. But it was the whole experience itself. I did get more responsibility than at Acne, but it was still an internship. Towards the end, I was allowed to support two soccer clubs with a few styles which was very exciting. The campus at Adidas is amazing - they have soccer fields, tennis courts, 3 cafeterias with great, affordable food and even a kindergarden! Apart from that, the people I have met come from all over the world, I learned a lot about intercultural communication. The atmosphere is just very nice. Flexible working hours and “work-life-balance” are a standard at Adidas.

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You need to be able to adapt and communicate. Show initiative!

Een baan bij Adidas: ervaring van Marcel
Fashion & Textile Technologies-student Marcel

Were you able to use your knowledge which you have acquired from your study at these internships?

The things I learned in the labs at Saxion were extremely helpful at Acne, since we worked with the same machines. Also, I was already familiar with assessing materials and their quality. Having a solid understanding of materials and their characteristics helped me as well. Something I didn’t know prior was how a fashion brand actually operates - what roles and tasks are involved and how do they cross-relate? The school prepared me well to have a great foundation of knowledge. An internship then connects this knowledge with the practical world and obviously deepens your skills even more. The discussions I experienced during group projects at Saxion prepared me to work in teams and taught me that communication and being a team-player is key. In product development, I realized how important it is to have technical knowledge in the fashion industry - to know whether certain designs are even feasible in production. This knowledge is also very helpful if you are interested in becoming a designer!

What are you doing right now?

Right now, I am working at Adidas as an actual employee, they offered me a contract after my internship. I was very lucky to find a job immediately after my Bachelor, especially during the Corona crisis. And again, something that was quite unplanned!

Do you have tips for students who are currently applying for internships?

When it comes to applying for an internship, I honestly cannot give specific tips since for me, everything happened rather unplanned. But becoming a teamplayer is a crucial skill and probably the biggest tip I can give to students entering the industry! If you do not fit into the team, it won’t work. Be able to adapt, support and communicate! Show initiative!

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