Chinese Summer School students impressed by innovative Dutch water projects


A group of Chinese summer school students visited Roombeek in Enschede this week, a prestigious water management project in the Netherlands. They are learning all about how the Netherlands deals with certain water management challenges during a course that they follow at Saxion Summer School.

Saxion Summer School students in Roombeek, Enschede

Summer School students visit different places

These ten students from China participate in a specific water management programme of the Saxion Summer School and visit several water projects in the Netherlands this week. This includes the district Roombeek in Enschede and other places in the Twente region, such as Hengelo, but also the IJssel river in Deventer this Friday.

Deepening their knowledge

They are following this programme to deepen their knowledge about (sustainable) management of groundwater and surface water. The Netherlands is at the forefront when it comes to water management. Visiting different projects allows them to learn more about (new) possibilities and techniques how to prevent both water shortages and floods.

Coverage by TV Enschede

One of the water management projects that the Chinese students already visited is Roombeek in Enschede. Reporters of TV Enschede followed them and covered their visit. You can watch the coverage in Dutch below:


The Chinese students are clearly impressed by the water management solution in Roombeek.

“One of the most notable responses is, that the students call us creative,” says Patrick de Lange, lecturer hydraulic engineering and water management. They see and realize that you do not always have to use the standard solutions and that you can think out-of-the-box.

In the future, some of these students will be responsible for defining water strategies and visions of companies in and outside of China. “It is great to know that we are contributing to this!”

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