Largest Dutch delegation ever attending the 4th IFIE in China


The largest Dutch delegation of universities of applied sciences ever, including delegates of Saxion, attended the 4th International Forum on Industry & Education (IFIE) in China from 22 June 2017 to 24 June 2017.

Opening 4th International Forum on Industry & Education (IFIE) in China

About the IFIE

The 4th International Forum on Industry & Education Integration and Development was held in Zhumadian City, Henan Province in China, from 22 June to 24 June 2017. The theme of this forum was cross-border integration, the growth of strategic emerging industries and a new human resources structure. It focused on the implementation of the national Chinese education 13th 5-Year Plan, emphasizing primarily on education reform, strengthening experience, demonstration and innovation – to serve and drive national strategic emerging industries.

Invited guests and delegates

Leaders and experts from central ministries, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, universities, international organizations, multinational corporations and other institutions were invited to this forum. During the forum, several trends and innovations in intelligent manufacturing, big data, digital creativity and virtual reality (VR) were discussed thoroughly.

Forum set-up

The forum was setup in a main forum and 11 sub-forums.

  • 44 industry-well-known experts gave presentations relating to topics;
  • 51 experts carry out 9 dialogue sessions;
  • 26 units and institutions shares innovative cases.

In total, 63 directors of educational institutions from 7 countries, including university principals and well-known scholars and 34 representatives of well-known enterprises, but also 105 leaders from domestic universities attended the forum.

IFIE opening ceremony

The morning of 23 June 2017, IFIE OPENING ceremony

The cross-border integration forum

On the morning of 23 June 2017, the cross-border integration forum - the fourth international forum regarding Industry & Education Integration - was held at the International Convention Center of Chaya Mountain in Zhumadian City. The forum was supported by the Ministry of Education and the Henan Provincial Government and the Ministry of Education Planning and Development Center, and Applied Technology University (College). The forum was held by Zhumadian People's Government and Huang Huai College. 

Vice Minister of Education Sun Yao, Vice Governor of Henan Province Xu Jichao and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.

The role of international cooperation

Sun Yao pointed out that the international cooperation of applied universities play a significant role in the development of the Belt and Road initiative which is an important channel for cultural exchange and public communication. It is also an important way to promote global industrial cooperation and share the results of scientific and technological development and enhance human sustainable development. International cooperation and sharing of advanced technology should be regarded as a belt, and the application of universities reform and innovation should be regarded as an important area of international cooperation in education, which helps to set up a platform for school-enterprise cooperation and international integration of industry and education.

Largest delegation ever

It is the largest delegation of Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences ever in the history that attended a forum. The delegation is headed by former Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Thom de Graaf and the delegation includes principals, vice presidents and entourages of Dutch universities of applied sciences. In total, there were 23 delegates present.

The Dutch delegation at the Huanghuai university

The Dutch delegation at the Huanghuai university.

On the afternoon of 23 March 2017, the former deputy prime minister of the Netherlands, Thom de Graaf, gave a presentation about the educational system in the Netherlands.

The presentation of the former deputy prime minister

The presentation of the former deputy prime minister.

The next presenter was the president of the Executive Board of Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Neherlands, Wim Boomkamp. Among other things, he talked about course exploitation of industrial and educational integration at Saxion.

Wim Boomkamp, the president of Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Wim Boomkamp, the President of the Executive Board of Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

Leendert Klaassen, the president of Stenden University of Applied Sciences, talked about hotel and tourism management in an international environment. Diana Keizer-Mastenbroek, vice president of Van Hall Larensten University of Applied Sciences, discussed modern agricultural education in the Netherlands. Susana Menendez, Vice-President of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, told us how they attract and train qualified teachers with both teaching and professional skills.

Professor Diederich Bakker of Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Professor Diederich Bakker of Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

At the end of the forum, the National Education Strategy Development Planning Center and the union of universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands (in Dutch: Vereniging Hogescholen) signed an MOU, Memorandum of Understanding.

Signing MOU China and the Netherlands

On the morning of 24 June 2017, the guests of the universities of applied sciences from the Netherlands and the principals of 12 Chinese universities joined a round table meeting, and the two parties had a further understanding and discussion, which laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.