National Student Survey reveals increased satisfaction among Saxion students


The outcomes of the National Student Survey (NSE) 2016 show increased satisfaction among Saxion students with the quality of their education. They awarded Saxion a grade of 7.2 overall.

An impressive 77.5% of students indicated that they were satisfied or very satisfied, making Saxion one of the best performing universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Out of the 17 medium-sized and large universities of applied sciences in its category, Saxion was ranked fifth in terms of student satisfaction.

A general score of 7.2 and an equal or higher score than last year on all components demonstrates that students are increasingly satisfied with their education at Saxion. The survey had a response rate of 50.9% among Saxion students – an unusually large number, which demonstrates how involved Saxion students are with their education and how eager they are to improve its quality. The average response rate for this year was 42.8% nationally.

Wim Boomkamp, president of the executive board, is delighted with the outcomes: ‘It is great to see that we are managing to improve the quality of our teaching year on year! We are all working hard to implement quality assurance incrementally and consistently. Now we are seeing the reward.’ 


The timetabling component saw the greatest satisfaction increase (up to 6.6 from 6.4) – a tremendous result, given that this has been a point of discussion for years. For this year's Smarter Organisation of our Teaching project, Saxion has collaborated with students to identify points for improvement regarding timetabling and exams. These improvements, which include removing free hours, scheduling breaks, timetabling days with no classes and sending timely alerts for cancelled classes, will be implemented later this year.

About the National Student Survey
The National Student Survey (NSE) is an annual national survey that allows almost all students in higher education to have their say about their programme. The NSE is an important determining factor for the higher education rankings published by Elsevier and the Keuzegids HBO (Study Guide for Higher Education).

Thank you for completing the survey

Thank you for completing the National Student Survey. This will help us improve our teaching, which will ultimately be to your benefit! See the information panels in the corridors in Enschede (corridor to Wolvecamp, first floor) and Deventer (ground floor, just outside the canteen) to keep up to date with Saxion-wide improvements, primarily concerning timetabling and exams.