Saxion students develop VR solution for Thales and the Navy


In the past months, seven students of the Saxion Creative Media and Game Technologies programme have carried out an assignment for Thales and the Royal Navy. They made an example of a virtual reality area that can be used for training.


And this is not a trivial matter! The Saxion students made a realistic reproduction of the bow thruster area of the Holland class Ocean Patrol Vessel, which can be used to train the crew. With the VR solution in place, the Navy expects that it is reduces - or even eliminates-  the need for a training installation or the purchase of extra facilities and systems. And this while it used to be customary to purchase an extra system or rebuild parts of the ship in order to have good training sessions. So this is a smart solution!

Students have raised the bar high

Thales and the Navy were very enthusiastic about the developed prototype of the students. The details and the level of quality of their invention are the standard for the future as far as the Navy is concerned. It is extremely realistic and even the screws and cable binders have been worked out in detail. Thales representative Jeroen van der Wel says: "When we saw the demonstration by the Saxion students it blew away everything that we had seen before ".

Eye for detail

To ensure a high-quality end product, the students travelled to Den Helder to take a look at the real area of a naval vessel and to take photographs of it. Based on a 3D scan the whole area was recreated. A lot of attention was given to the smallest detail. This resulted in a photorealistic image.

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