The alumni of Saxion University of Applied Sciences are an important part of the Saxion community. After graduation, most of our international students go back to their home-countries. Even though geographical distances can be very long, we would like to develop close relationships with our alumni. 

Meet us at an education fair

We often travel around the world to visit our partners or international educations fairs. While we are in your region, we would love to meet. Keep an eye on our schedule, maybe we’ll visit your country! You, Saxion alumni, are of great value to us. You are our ambassadors in your countries and your support to the Saxion community is highly appreciated. In addition, we would like stay in touch with you as well as bring you into contact with other alumni - a perfect opportunity for networking and to share ideas and career opportunities. 

How to get in touch?

It is very important for us to have up to date details about your address, working environment and career development.  Nuffic facilitates a alumni network for international students who studied in the Netherlands. We activated our platform and the Holland Alumni network aims to set up and facilitate an international network of Holland alumni, future alumni, Holland Alumni associations, Dutch higher education institutions and relevant organisations.


Join the Saxion Alumni Network and we hope to keep you connected with each other and your alma matter!