Open days 2018-2019

Are you considering to study abroad? Come and meet us during one of the Open Days. You will experience how Saxion prepares you for a world that's getting smarter every day. Study at Saxion and get ready for a smart world! 

Are you interested? You can read more or register here. If you want to meet is in an even more personal setting, then the Discovery Days are probably a good idea for you to join! The Discovery Days in November are combined with the Open Days. Find out more.

Apeldoorn: Friday 5 October, 17.00-21.00
Deventer: Friday 12 October, 17.00-21.00
Enschede: Friday 19 October, 17.00-21.00

Enschede: Friday 16 November, 16.00-21.00
Deventer: Friday 23 November, 16.00-21.00
Apeldoorn: Friday 30 November, 16.00-20.00 (!)


Enschede: Wednesday 9 January, 16.00-21.00
Deventer: Wednesday 16 January, 16.00-21.00
Apeldoorn: Wednesday 23 January, 16.00-20.00 (!)


Enschede: Saterday 16 March, 11.00-15.00
Deventer, Saterday 23 March, 11.00-15.00
Apeldoorn, Saterday 30 March, 11.00-15.00

Important notice: are you interested in a study programme that is offered in Apeldoorn and would you like to visit the open day? In that case, it is not possible to use the general English registration form (for international students) right now. Please send an email to, after which we will get in touch with you.