Get Ready for a Smart World

The world is getting smarter everyday - a development in which humans play a crucial role. In collaboration with businesses, knowledge institutes and governmental organisations, we prepare our students to get ready for their future role in a world in which technological innovations take place in quick succession.

Get ready for a smart world

Whichever of our programmes you choose to follow, whether in health care, business or creative technology, you will learn to use the technological developments in your field of study successfully. This includes working together with local businesses and students from other programmes to devise new solutions for real-life problems. You will learn how to look ahead, how to react on rapidly changing situations and how to be open for innovations and their impact. 

Living Techology further explained

One of our focus points is embedding ‘Living Technology’ in our programmes and research − not merely as abstract pieces of technology, but rather as an integral part of living and working. By connecting teaching and research, we give shape to Living Technology and provide a boost to our acquisition of knowledge.

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