Research groups and research centres

Through teaching and research, we put the latest scientific advances into practice. Our research is driven by demands from businesses, local authorities and organisations. Our main focus is the field of Living Technology.

Research is an important component of our teaching. Students learn to develop an inquisitive attitude and know how to interpret research outcomes. In addition, research stimulates the consultative and entrepreneurial abilities of our students and teaches them to maintain a critical attitude. This ensures that our programmes meet the demands of the (future) labour market.

Research groups make a vital contribution to the quality of our research.

Design and Technology research groups

These research groups deal with research questions and projects with regard to product development, innovative materials and innovative technology.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship research groups

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship research groups stimulate expertise in the fields of enterprise, entrepreneurship and innovation. Over the past few years, they have unveiled a large number of initiatives and forged close ties to various organisations, as well as the business community. They seek and offer a wide range of new ideas, concepts and research, secure in their conviction that they can make a significant contribution to enterprising, entrepreneurial and innovative expertise.

Health, Social Work and Technology research groups

The Research Centre for Health, Social Work and Technology focuses on improving quality of life. Its research projects are set up in co-operation with representatives from and take place in the professional field. Healthcare and social welfare institutions form this Research Centre’s main target group. Another of its aims is to improve the standards of teaching at Saxion.

Research Centre for Hospitality

The Research Centre for Hospitality tackles challenges from the professional field regarding process and product innovation for the hospitality sector. Its research agenda is set by its research groups and based on market-driven innovation challenges. When not engaged in applied research or the development of teaching programmes, it exchanges information with other institutions. Key research themes include Experience in Hospitality & Leisure, Corporate Social Responsibility and Innovation & Organisation.

Urban and Environmental Development research groups

The Research Centre for Urban and Environmental Development conducts research in the fields of sustainability and urban development. The main research domain for its research groups is formed by the urban environment. Cities are the hubs of our society – not just in the geographical sense, but also societally. Key research themes include external security, immigrant integration, housing and renewable sources of energy.

Research Centre for Educational Innovation

Innovation and improvement in education are integral to the activities of this research centre. It co-operates closely with various partners from the education sector. Research outcomes are translated into solutions for real-life situations faced by education professionals.

More information

If you require more information about our research or have a question for one of our lecturers or research groups, please send an email to or call the Saxion Information Centre on 088 - 019 3011.

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