Research Centre for Educational Innovation

The key goal of our Research Centre for Educational Innovation is to improve the quality of education, both within and beyond Saxion. We do this by developing, making available and sharing knowledge about teaching, educating and learning. Within Saxion, we contribute to the improvement of Saxion’s programmes (didactics, curricula and organisation) as well as to the professionalisation of the faculty. Beyond Saxion, we conduct practical research for a wide variety of organisations involved in primary, secondary and tertiary education.

Photo a primary school teacher instructing some kids.To help us achieve our mission, we work in close cooperation with partners in the local, regional, national and international sectors of general and professional education as well as related sectors within the labour market. We go a step further than simply conducting educational research – we take a practical approach, translating our findings into solutions for real-life situations faced by the educational and professional sectors.

The chairs within this Research Centre are:

  • Assessment, 
  • Dalton, 
  • Educational Transition, 
  • Educational Innovation & Effectiveness,
  • Language Education.