Research Centre for Health, Social Work & Technology

Photo of a nurse talking to an elderly woman.Continual renewal and improvement is essential for the development of health care-related businesses and institutions. Thanks to a number of lectureships in various areas of expertise, the Research Centre for Health Care, Social Work & Technology is able to make a significant contribution to innovation by researching real-life problems faced in the field and developing practical solutions to these challenges in conjunction with businesses and institutions.

The Research Centre offers:

  • practical research (previous success includes an award-winning new method for young adults in the youth care system);
  • education for health care professionals (including the accredited Master Programmes for Health Care and Social Work, Advanced Nursing Practice and Musculoskeletal);
  • projects in cooperation with external partners (such as with universities in Vietnam to help raise the level of nursing education);
  • consultancy (including monitoring fitness and health of employees of large manufacturing factories and companies). 

Research is conducted by a team comprising staff members and students, supervised by an (associate) lecturer. The chairs focus on the following subjects:

  • Technology, Health & Care: Dr. Somaya Ben Allouch (e-mail)
  • Community Care & Youth: Dr. Margriet Braun (e-mail) & Dr. ir. Attila Németh (e-mail)
  • Nursing: Dr. Madeleen Uitdehaag (e-mail) & Dr. Ad Bergsma (e-mail)
  • Prevention in Health Care (fitness and health): Dr. Frits Oosterveld (e-mail)