As a research centre, we take a very specific approach to practical research: we view the wider industry as part of the learning experience rather than as a topic of it. The industry offers a wealth of opportunities for generating knowledge. We do not do that alone, but rather in co-creation with companies, organisations and government bodies. For a large part, the complex industry-related issues they face determine our research agenda, resulting in relevant and innovative research and education – both with and for you. ‘Engaged Scholarship’, in other words: experience, intuition, understanding and both theoretically and empirically tested knowledge are applied within an organised learning process to identify solutions that are feasible, reproducible, withstand critical scrutiny and are applicable in practice.

Our research projects comprise: investigating trends, research placements, developing new research methods, education materials, models or concepts, consultancy projects and empirical studies of literature. Our lectorates work together on three research themes as follows:

  • Ethics, with the Ethics lectorate and the Ethics & Technology lectorate
  • Economics, with the Business Development lectorate
  • Experience, with the Experience in Hospitality & Leisure lectorate

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