Research Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Photo of 4 students looking at a mobile phone.Our Research Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship has one clear goal – to stimulate entrepreneurship both within and beyond Saxion. There is no question that research is a key aspect of this Research Centre, but we have also been responsible for developing actual concepts that have helped young entrepreneurs to get a head start: an interest-free loan known as TOP, various minors in entrepreneurship and innovation, and the student entrepreneurs association called Young Business Professionals.

This Research Centre also had a leading role in the Young Business Incubator, which functions as an intermediary in helping student-entrepreneurs to find suitable business premises. Pro-activity is at the very heart of entrepreneurship – taking the initiative whilst not losing sight of the needs of customers and others, channelling determination, paying attention to detail and formalities. At this Research Centre, we view it as our goal to help people achieve theirs. We aim to facilitate the entire process, from awareness to action, and we do so by providing education, research, encouragement and help with innovation in the region – we understand that, as far as the entrepreneur is concerned, all of these factors are intrinsically linked. The key to our success is that, rather than being an outsider in an advisory role, we embark on a journey of research and learning together with the entrepreneur.

The chairs within this Research Centre are: 


Iris Grijsen: +31 (0)88 – 019 1016

Meet us in room S1.57a in Enschede and room B4.23 in Deventer.