Bachelor in International Finance & Accounting

Course typeBachelor
Course sectorBusiness
Course duration4 years
Starting dateSeptember 2019
DegreeBachelor of Science (BSc)
Tuition fee (EU/EEA students) € 2,083
Tuition fee (NON-EU students)(specification) € 7,800

The industry

Financially talented thinkers and doers are in high demand all over the world, in a wide diversity of sectors and orPhoto of students.ganisations: within retail, manufacturing and healthcare, as well as banks and accountancy firms. In the past it was sufficient to have financial acumen, but knowledge alone is not enough in today’s market.

 In addition to financial expertise, your future employer will also expect you to have strong communication skills which you put into practice in the various layers of the organisation, to be able to translate financial objectives into concrete action plans. You will shape your own vision and motivate others to support you. In other words: you will be the linchpin in business-related decisions.

Studying at Saxion

Are you keen to play a part in the world of international economics, or are you simply interested in studying finance and accounting in an international classroom? Either way, International Finance and Accounting at Saxion University of Applied Sciences could be just what you are looking for! International Finance and Accounting is a degree programme fully taught in the English language, which has built up a strong reputation internationally thanks to the high standards of education. The course is characterised by a clear focus on the relationship between theory and practice. You work on practically oriented projects, complete internships, regularly attend lectures by guest speakers and are taught by Saxion’s experienced lecturers, many of whom are also still actively involved in the industry.

The university is located in the east of the Netherlands. If you decide to study International Finance and Accounting, then you will be opting for:

  • A small-and-friendly degree programme which guarantees plenty of interaction between students and teaching staff
  • Multicultural classrooms. Each year, we welcome new students from approximately 10 different countries
  • Highly motivated lecturers who encourage and inspire students to achieve their full potential
  • A strong focus on personal development and the fine-tuning of soft skills (e.g. communication skills, teamwork, writing skills and negotiation skills)

After graduation, the International Finance and Accounting degree forms an excellent basis for a career in the public or private sector, either in your home country or elsewhere. Alternatively, you could decide to continue studying for a master’s, whether at a Dutch university or abroad.

More information

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First and second years

Saxion offers you a four-year study programme. In the first year, we work primarily on the basic knowledge you will need as a financial specialist. From the second year onwards, we explore various aspects of finance in more depth. We cover topics such as economic relations, financial markets, finance and accounting, currency markets, investments, risk management and marketing, as well as international regulations and legislation in the fields of economics, all from an international perspective. Meanwhile, more general subjects such as economics, financial management, management accounting & control, and management information systems help to raise your overall level of financial awareness in a broader business context.

Third and fourth years

In the third year you gain more profound knowledge within the subjects of accounting and auditing, and you develop your research skills. For your elective course you subsequently concentrate on a sub-topic of your choice, to either deepen or broaden your knowledge. If you decide to deepen your knowledge, you can choose from our range of minors which includes human resource accounting, project management and finance. If you prefer to broaden your knowledge, you spend half a year studying a subject outside your direct discipline, such as marketing. You can do this at Saxion, or benefit from Saxion’s wide network of partnerships to spend a semester studying at a different University of Applied Sciences, either within or outside the Netherlands.

Structure of the programme
Year 1st semester 2nd semester
1 Lectures
2 Lectures
3 Lectures Internship
4 Minor Graduation (thesis)

In the study guide you will find more information about the details of the programme.

Soft skills

To succeed as a financial professionals in today’s global market, it is not enough to merely acquire knowledge; you also need to know how to share that knowledge with others and to apply it to solve problems and achieve objectives. Therefore, at Saxion, we help you to develop your soft skills such as communication and management, project-based working and working in international teams. This also includes coherence with subjects such as sociology, ethics, cultural anthropology and human resource management.

Internship and graduation

In the third year of the programme, you have the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge into practice in an international environment during your internship. This practical focus continues in your fourth year in the shape of your graduation research project. You may spend both of these half-year periods in a country other than your home country.

Saxion offers help in finding internships and graduation placements through its network of partners including banks, governments, accountants and multinationals.


As an international student at Saxion, you do not have to do it all by yourself. A Study Career Counsellor will help you to settle in and find your way around, both within our School and in the Netherlands. He or she will also monitor your progress throughout your studies to help you stay on track and will help you to explore your future career prospects as you approach graduation. Furthermore, you receive support in your project-group work and during your internship, in terms of both content and the process with a personal touch.

ACCA-accelerate programme partnership

The partnership between ACCA and Saxion University will mean that graduates of the Bachelor of International Finance & Accounting Programme will be able to add ‘ACCA Student’ onto their CV to enhance their employability skills internationally; whilst showing their commitment to a future in accounting, finance and business management. The programme gives students/graduates of accredited accounting and finance programmes an early start to a successful career by awarding the IFA Programme with ACCA exemptions.   acca programme logo

More information

Please download our study guide for details about the course programme!

It is recommended that you have studied subjects such as Economics and Mathematics and it is required to score a minimum of TOEFL 550, IELTS 6 or similar English language qualification. Beside these, there are general entry requirements. Click on the link to check the general entry requirements.

Photo of a student presenting to his classmates.You are currently living in a changing world where more than 50% of the jobs for 2025 have not been invented yet. We see it as our job to prepare you for job opportunities in which you have financial skills, but will also be flexible to adjust to changing circumstances.

Upon graduation, you will receive the title of Bachelor of Science. A vast degree title, which is internationally recognized and will give you a valuable head start on the international labour market.

This degree enables you to work for companies such as Airbus, Bank of America, Ernst & Young and retail giant Zalando. Of course, it’s also possible to start your career at a non-profit organisation, such as the British Council or a local government. The type of positions some of our alumni hold are:

  • Accountant
  • Business Controller
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Planner
  • Financial Manager
  • Treasurer
  • Stock Market Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Policy Advisor
  • Financial Advisor

If you would prefer to continue studying, thanks to your Bachelor of Science you will be welcome to do a Master’s in Business Administration or Finance and Accounting at almost any university, within or outside Europe. Due to the educational background and a collaboration between Saxion and the University of Twente, choosing to do your Master at this University will even allow you to study this Master at an accelerated pace.  


Check out the testimonials below for a first-hand experience from 3 of our students!

Raimondas Krolius

I am studying International Finance and Accounting at Saxion and I have to say this was one of the best choices I made in my life. I chose the program because I was always into finance and numbers and Saxion was the only university in the country to provide such a combined study program. In addition, Saxion offers a wide range of English taught study programs which combine theory with practice. This allows students to familiarize themselves with real life situations and prepares them for their future career.

What differentiates studying in the Netherlands from studying in Lithuania is the way students are taught. From my friends’ experiences I know that in Lithuania there is a lot of theory coverage and self-studying, with little help from lecturers. This is completely different at Saxion, where lecturers are there to support students and provide help when needed and the university is very student oriented, with facilities freely accessible to anyone. Lecturers are also very helpful and are there when you need them.

It’s not like one doesn’t have to study hard, it’s that one has the support needed in order to understand what is being taught in a timely manner. Also, the studies are up to date and adapted to today’s working environment. Furthermore, at Saxion I received a lot of opportunities to go abroad for my studies. I went to Malaysia twice, to do my internship and a graduate internship, which exposed me to a totally different culture and a very different lifestyle. It also opened my eyes and widened my perspective on internationalisation. I also did a minor at University of Twente, in Enschede, the Netherlands, where I was able to taste the studying at a research university. It’s different from studying at university of applied sciences, but interesting in its own way.

Student life in the Netherlands is great! As a student, I was able to combine studying with work and also with Dutch language courses, without actually having to go through sleepless nights and stressing myself out. Moreover, I still had time for friends, partying and even myself. I made more friends from all over the world than I made back in Lithuania. I can dearly say I had the best time of my life being a student in the Netherlands.

Philipp Rothermich

Philipp RothermichBesides an international focus on Finance I gained a new experience - the Dutch and several other international cultures. Studying in Enschede means making friends from around the world which will change the way you think. International Finance & Accounting prepared me very well for an international workplace.

The support by teachers and the friendly environment made the difference to other universities and formed the basis for my career. After 2,5 wonderful years in Enschede I did my Minor at the Finance University in Moscow and was engaged by one of the Big Four afterwards. At the moment I work for one of the biggest banks of the world, which is truly the best evidence that the study opens so many doors."

Martin Odink

Studying International Finance & Accounting (IFA) at Saxion has been, by far, the best decision I have made in my career. The programme is packed with finance, which is exactly the basis that I needed to advance in the field of investments. The course does not only include the right courses, but is also made out of great lecturers. A team of motivated lecturers that are willing to go over and beyond their roles to assist and guide you.

I have always experienced that the more actively you engage in the programme, the more you receive in terms of attention, knowledge and energy. The course enabled me to land a 3-months project as an Executive Special Assignments in Kuala Lumpur straight after my graduation. Now I am doing my MSc Business Administration, for which the IFA course prepared me well enough to not experience any knowledge gabs. All in all I can only summarize the IFA course at Saxion as a top-notch bachelor!

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This course prepared me very well for an international workplace!

Philipp Rothermich