Short Course Fashion & Textile Technologies

Course typeOKP
Course sectorTextiles & Fashion
Course duration1 year
Starting dateSeptember 2017
Tuition fee (EU/EEA students) € 2,083
Tuition fee (NON-EU students)(specification) € 7,800

The international clothing and textiles market is, without a doubt, a very dynamic one. To be successful in this industry a Product Manager needs to be able to draw not only on his or her technical knowledge of textiles, but also increasingly on a sound understanding of business principles and the manufacturing process in a wider context. Therefore the focus of this course is on Product Management in Clothing and Textiles.

We are offering a one-year Product Management in Clothing and Textiles course, in Enschede, for students who already have a good grounding in materials and construction and who now wish to learn more about the international clothing and textiles business. This course covers all aspects of the textiles trade, taking into account the latest global developments, and provides you with the knowledge and skills required to enable you to build a successful career within this sector.

In addition to covering the fashion sector, this course also pays significant attention to the other important textiles sectors, namely interior design and manufacturing. As well as being interesting from a materials point of view, these two sectors are witnessing frequent technological innovations and hence offering interesting career prospects for the future. 

150 years ago, textiles production was centred on Enschede and the surrounding area and hence textiles are essential to the history of the city. Likewise, a textiles course has been on offer in Enschede for the past 150 years. The content of the course has moved with the times; as much of the manufacturing was transferred to the Far East, the course moved from covering just materials and production to include, in addition, the study of business principles and commercial developments.

The topics covered in this final year comprise:

  • Production: how are products manufactured and supplied, such as for example factory-made clothes, vertical integration, supply-chain management and supply-chain concepts,
  • Development: knowledge of design and styling, and how products are developed, and
  • Business: all aspects of conducting business internationally, including marketing activities for clothes and textiles and conducting market research.

A team of several enthusiastic tutors, many of whom have worked in the textiles sector, teach this course using modern real-life business cases to challenge and inspire the students. The tutors are very helpful in sharing their knowledge and experience, whilst encouraging the student’s personal development too. The course programme is very varied, comprising a mix of lectures, seminars, practical sessions and projects, ensuring all the material covered is directly relevant to practical situations in the textiles business. 

Lessons are held in two buildings: one is steeped in history, dating from the early days of Enschede’s textiles course. The other is brand new (opened in September 2009) and ideally suited to the dynamic world we are helping to prepare you for. It’s a fantastic building with lots of glass and light, providing an inspiring base for around 450 enthusiastic Dutch and German students who are keen to immerse themselves in all aspects of today’s world of textiles.

A minimum of three years of foreign higher education (leading to a bachelor degree) in Technical Textiles or a closely related field. Application to be assessed by the Faculties’ Exam board (result final and binding).

General requirements can be found here.

Students with business skills have a wealth of options open to them in the dynamic international world of clothing and textiles. Some realistic examples of first jobs within the fashion, interior design and manufacturing sectors are: purchasing assistant, production assistant, product specialist, merchandiser, junior product manager, junior logistics manager, sales product manager, concept designer, quality controller.

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