Summer School

Course typePreparatory, Summer School
Course sectorTraining
Course duration1 - 4 weeks
Starting dateJuly 2018

Are you interested in broadening your knowledge and upgrading your CV?
Are you ambitious, dedicated and creative, and are you looking for a challenging summer in Europe? Join the Saxion Summer School today!

Why choose the Saxion Summer School?
Saxion Summer School offers innovative courses for both Dutch and international students to boost their personal and professional development. Each course lasts one week. All courses take place between 17 July and 11 August 2017. Check the courses and make your own combinations.

You will work in small groups in an interactive, challenging study environment with other international students. During the programme, you will also participate in cultural and social events. The programme gives room to visiting European Cities apart from the courses.

The Summer School focuses on improving self-starting skills, entrepreneurship, the use of new media and presentation, communication and management skills.

You are encouraged to work on important key skills during your time at Saxion Summer School.
The experience of being abroad, living and studying at Saxion University of Applied Sciences enables you to develop a set of transferable skills that go beyond those available to students in their own school environment. Vital for future success in any career, these skills include:

  • Developing strengths in independence, self-consciousness, self-regulation and self –assessment;
  • Confidence in dealing with a wide range of new and different people and situations;
  • Responsibility for own learning, time management, and working with others;
  • Communication skills such as speaking, listening, and presenting effective arguments in a variety of different contexts.

You should have at least completed secondary education and be admissible to higher education.
All courses are taught in English, so we recommend that your command of the English language matches IELTS level 6.0.

You will receive a certificate of completion, if you accomplish the course(s) successfully.

Sign up before 1 May and get a 20% discount on the tuition fee!

Application: 1 June 2017
Payment: 8 June 2017
Cancellation: 15 June 2017

Single week courses

Start-up Challenge: Create your own Business

Become an independent self-starter and develop your own business.

Do you want to transform your idea into a promising business model? Or have you already set up your own business and do you want to take it to a higher level? Then we are looking for you!

Forget about traditional business plans and become familiar with new start-up methods like The Golden Circle, Business Model Generation, The Lean Start-up etc. During this summer course, you are going to transform your idea into a feasible and scalable business model. A team of business developers, successful entrepreneurs and coaches are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you.

During this week you will:

  • Develop your idea into an innovation for the market, find your target group and define the organizational conditions for your start-up
  • Determine what type of entrepreneur you are with the help of several professional tests
  • Learn everything about different business models and find the best match for your idea
  • Identify the market, your competitors and your target group
  • Discover where and how to find your customers and find out what they are willing to pay for your product/service
  • Learn how to sell yourself and your product/service

As this course is intense and time-consuming we expect you to be dedicated and work hard.

Course objective
At the beginning of this course you will start with an idea to start up your own business. During the week you will develop a complete business model that you will pitch at the end of the week to our jury of business experts.

Study load Starting date Duration Level Tuition fee Accommodation
1 ECTS 18/07/2017 1 week Bachelor level € 475,- € 150 - € 240

Think Global, Act Local

Are you interested in the way companies apply their internationalization strategy to gain market share worldwide? Are you curious about what’s going on in the business world? In the course ‘Think Global, Act Local’, you will learn about the strategy, resources and management skills required to set up or run a business abroad.

Internationlization refers to the commercial exchange of products and services among individuals and trading companies from different countries. It is about providing an extensive understanding of international markets and managing cross-border transactions that support business development. During this course, you will work in a team and develop an internationalization strategy to expand your business abroad. You will learn how business is conducted in an international environment and which problems occur during the proces of implementing your strategy. Besides that, you will work on your research, negotiation and presentation skills.

As a business discipline, this course draws on knowledge coming from related fields including economics, international relations, culture awareness and politics to name a few. Topics covered include:   

  • Introduction to International Business
  • Theoretical foundations
  • International environment and developments
  • Motives to internationalize
  • Strategic internationalization
  • Synergy & orientation headquarters

Course objective: developing a strategy to gain market share worldwide.

Study load Starting date Duration Level Tuition fee Accommodation
1 ECTS 08/08/2017 1 week Bachelor level € 475,- € 150 - € 240

Creative Business

How is it that some products succeed and some fail? Why is creativity a key success factor for many organisations? In many instances, innovation and marketing play an important role in gaining long-term competitive advantage. With a successful innovation and marketing strategy, companies can increase their turnover and market shares worldwide. This course is about innovative products, marketing and creative businesses.

During this course, you will make a marketing plan for an innovative product in a business-to-consumer (B2C) or (B2B) business-to-business market. You will discover the elements of a successful marketing plan and the characterizations of marketing that are common to all businesses, despite their differences.

Topics covered include:

  • Success of innovative products.
  • Marketing frameworks and the elements of the marketing mix.
  • Market analysis for an existing product in the business-to-consumer market.
  • Segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies.
  • Customer profiles of the target groups in the business-to-consumer market.
  • Product proposition according to the product levels defined by Leeflang.
  • Marketing plan, including the unique selling propositions and critical success factors.
  • Competition analysis: Michael E. Porter.

Course objective: developing a marketing plan for an innovative product, including a market research and competition analysis.

Study load Starting date Duration Level Tuition fee Accommodation
1 ECTS 18/07/2017 1 week Bachelor level € 475 € 150 - € 240

Intercultural Management

In a globalized world, you will be confronted with people from different nationalities, ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds. To become more effective in these situations, awareness of cultural differences is one of the first steps. You will learn about different cultural backgrounds and how to react to them. Subsequently, the course will focus on the national identity of the various countries to help understand their complicated structure. Specific notion will be given to the Dutch identity, including issues such as tolerance, the polder model-, and an open society.


Course objective: recognition of differences between people of different backgrounds  and how to act.

Study load Starting date Duration Level Tuition fee Accommodation
1 ECTS 25/07/2016 1 week Bachelor level € 475 € 150 - € 240

Experiential Gaming and Tourism

How to make a real-life adventure game? Discover a new country, a new region, and learn all about it by designing a mobile game. During this week, you will attend classes in (mobile) web design, game design and branding. Every day will start with a design lecture. Knowledge gained during the lecture will be used immediately to improve your game design.
Through the development of your own real-life adventure game, you discover the city of Deventer. The course includes a one-day excursion creating media footage in Deventer’s old town, around the river IJssel.

Course objective: developing a mobile game for Tourisme Industry

Study load Starting date Duration Level Tuition fee Accommodation
1 ECTS 25/07/2017 1 week Bachelor level € 475 € 150 - € 240

Effective Communication and Negotiation

Regardless of the type of organization a participant may be involved in, there are always negotiations that take place on a daily basis. These may be as simple as choosing a meeting time and place or they could be much more important to the overall business structure, such as working out the details of a big contract. To negotiate effectively, you must be able to communicate effectively. Unfortunately, most business people do not realize the importance of solid communication skills to the negotiation process. As a result, they do not get the best possible deal.

Course objective: be a successful communicator

Study load Starting date Duration Level Tuition fee Accommodation
1 ECTS 01/08/2017 1 week Bachelor level € 475 € 150 - € 240

Safety, behaviour, serious gaming, edutainment

Why do so many accidents occur in industrial environments? With a series of lectures, we explore the field of persuasive technology, marketing psychology, safety by design and industrial design. At the end of the week, we work towards a mobile game application and awareness campaign to make workplaces safer. Participants are invited to bring pictures of unsafe situations in their own country, as input for the application and campaign and to share with the group.

Course objective: Developing a mobile game in regard of safer workplaces.

Study load Starting date Duration Level Tuition fee Accommodation
1 ECTS 18/07/2017 1 week Bachelor level € 475 € 150 - € 240


Leadership in European Business

The interactive course gives an overview of different theories on (business) leadership, the influence of globalization and culture and leadership conflicts that might arise in a European setting. In a globalized world, management and leadership become more internationally oriented. The different cultures around the globe do not have one universal management style and firms expanding into new geographical areas do not always realize this. Subjects are social responsibility, sustainable innovation, creative approaches and brand identity. At the end of the course, you will understand the impact of the EU competition policies.

Course objective: Be a successful future leader of a European company

Study load Starting date Duration Level Tuition fee Accommodation
1 ECTS 08/08/2017 1 week Bachelor level € 475 € 150 - € 240


Because of its superb geographical location, the Saxion Summer School is an attractive destination for those who want to combine their course with visits to famous European cities: Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. City trips are an optional part of the programme.

Please fill in your choice on the application form.

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague (22, 23 and 24 July)

3 Day trips to main cities of the Netherlands. You will return every day in your accommodation.
Price: € 30 (at least 10 participants, are required). The price includes 3 return train tickets.

Berlin (29, 30 and 31 July)

You will be picked up at your accommodation on Saturday morning. On Monday evening you will be back at your accommodation.
Price: € 185 (at least 25 participants are required). The price includes 2 nights in accommodation based on occupancy of 2-6 students per room and transport  by bus.

Paris (5,6, and 7 August)

You will be picked up at your accommodation on Saturday morning. On Monday evening you will be back at your accommodation.
Price: € 195 (at least 25 participants are required). This includes 2 nights in an accommodation based on occupancy of 2-6 students per room, and transport by bus.

Saxion Summer School offers housing to those participants who need accommodation. The service is optional, so please indicate on your online application form if you want to have accommodation arranged for you. The student housing in Deventer is within walking distance of Saxion University. The accommodation comprises a single room, with a kitchen and bathroom to share with other students who live in the same student accommodation.

The rooms contain basic furniture, such as a bed, table, chair and wardrobe, as well as sheets, pillow and a quilt (no towels). The kitchen contains standard items like pots, pans and cutlery. A washing machine and vacuum cleaner are also present in the accommodation. Wi-Fi internet is provided throughout the accommodation. 

It is not possible to use the accommodation during the weeks you are not attending a course.

If you agree to have housing arranged for you, you will be offered a standard package with the following conditions:

Standard rental is from Monday 2PM to Saturday 12 AM against the tariffs in table. Deposit of €50 will be returned after handing in the keys.

Saxion Accommodation Costs
Duration Costs
stay of 4 weeks €150 per week
stay of 3 weeks €180 per week
stay of 2 weeks €210 per week
stay of 1 week €240 per week

Upon arrival, you can pick up your room key and further instructions at the Saxion Summer School Office, located at Handelskade 75 in Deventer. The office is open on working days from 08.30 AM-17.00 PM. After you have retrieved your key, you can travel straight to your accommodation.

Arrange your own housing

Of course you can still decide to arrange your own housing. There are various opportunities, ranging from low-budget youth hostels to bed and breakfasts and (high-end) hotels. Check this website for more information.

After completing the application form an invoice will be sent to you.

You will be successfully admitted to the course of your choice after we have received your payment.


Please enquire as early as possible about visa requirements at a Dutch embassy or consulate. You should apply for a visa at the Dutch embassy or consulate in your home country. Once Saxion has received all payments, we will gladly send you an invitation letter.

To find out whether you need to apply for a visa for the Netherlands, please visit the homepage of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The price of the tuition fee includes insurance for liability, health, and travelling for the duration of the courses.

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Ms. Drs. Solange Panayotopoulos