International Business & Law

Course typeExchange
Course sectorLaw
Course duration5 months
SemesterFall (Sept. - Jan.)
For partners ofSchool of Governance, Law & Urban Development

Students International Business and Law working together at SaxionThis exchange programme provides students with up-to-date knowledge and skills at the interface of Business & Law.  Some of the related topics of this programme include the legal aspects of international business relations, corporate governance, business ethics and compliance with international codes.

By attending this programme, students will gain expertise in resolving problems and in addressing issues associated with international business activities, where international corporate strategy meets political, legal and ethical demands.  As a future international consultant, you can improve your international communication, negotiation and management skills in an intercultural and international setting.

Students International Business and Law, group 2016-2017Learning goals
During your exchange semester at Saxion, you deal with real-life case studies and assignments. This way, you do not only gain knowledge, but also develop relevant professional competencies like negotiating, advising, project management, inter-cultural communication and translating legal knowledge into practical solutions.

Real-life assignments
As part of the programme you will be working on practical assignments for businesses or governments. A real life assignment not only motivates students, but also enables them to learn in a more effective way This will enhance students’ skills in analysing and solving legal problems in the field of international cooperation and business relations. Assignments may concern issues like: legal advice on international business expansion, comparative research on the establishment of legal entities, strategic choices for businesses in the European internal market, sustainable organisational behavior.

Cross disciplinary approach

We invite students in the fields of e.g. European studies, business, law, public administration, real estate management and marketing to join us for an inspiring semester at Saxion.

Subjects of the programme include:

  • International Business Law
  • Professional & Legal Skills
  • Business Ethics & responsibility and accountability
  • Strategic Management and Sustainable Development
  • Integrated Case Study Business
  • Organisational Behavior
  • Integrated Case Study Legal
  • European Law
  • Cultural Diversity Management



Modules 17/18 Credits
Integrated Case Study Legal 3
International Business Law 3
Cultural Diversity Management 3
Business Ethics 3
Professional Skills 3
Proposed Modules Credits
Integrated Case Study Business 3
European Law 3
Organizational Behavior 3
Strategic Management and Sustainable Business 3
Legal Skills 3
Total credits 30

Contactpersoon: Gerry Stegeman


Students International Business and Law at SaxionBefore you can be admitted to this programme, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You need to have a secondary school certificate and a minimum of two years of higher education in a similar field.
  • This is an English taught programme. Applicants need an IELTS academic level of 6,0 or higher. Please check this page for all details.

This programme is open to students of our Erasmus partner universities and other Non-EU partners. You need to be nominated by your home university to attend our programme.


Students International Business and Law on excursionDo I need to register online or do I only need to be nominated by my home university?
Every student needs to register online. You can only enrol by completing your online registration. By completing your enrolment online, we receive all relevant information and documents from you. Moreover, it is also an official proof of your registration.  You will receive an acceptance letter after completing the registration procedure. Please note that this process might take a couple of weeks.

How can I register online?
Click on the ‘Apply now’ Button next to the downloads to start your application process. If you have difficulties with uploading your documents, please choose another browser and try again.

Does Saxion provide housing for exchange students?
Yes!  However, it is not mandatory for exchange students to rent a room provided by Saxion. If you are interested in applying for a room, please read this housing information. Please contact the housing officers of the international office if you are interested in renting a room provided by Saxion. You will find their contact details on the housing information page.


Ms. Drs. G.H. Stegeman