Big Data: concepts, value and design

Course typeExchange
Course sectorIT
Course duration5 months
SemesterFall 2017 (Sept. - Jan.)
For partners ofSchool of Creative Technology

Big Data is not a new hype, it is already a fact. A quote from Neelie Kroes (former Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda: “Whatever you're trying to do these days, chances are you are using big data. That's why this magic material, data about the reality around us, is becoming the fuel for innovation. Powering and energizing our economy. With a data market worth tens if not hundreds of billions of Euros a year to our economy.” 

Big data is a fact and here to stay. When all devices are connected and the real world becomes (or already is) digital there is a huge amount of data that is stored by organizations and people. Personal data (biometric), data about sales and marketing, the weather, finance or data about real world shopping behaviour. That data is stored in warehouses but has no value when it is not properly combined, filtered or processed to make it usable and visible for humans.

The tremendous growth of data in organizations could boost the economy and innovation. New products and services development based on large, cleverly combined amounts of data promise survival options for organizations that need to learn and adopt to a changing world in which consumers and citizens will play a primary and central role.

The companies that work with hyper-connectivity or big data says that generalists are useless, specialists are useless; they need versatilists! People with crossover qualities that have multiple skills integrated and can switch, adapt and learn new skills fast. The minor Big Data gives a glimpse of the possibilities with the technology and how to make a business with Big Data!

This programme is meant for students that will work with or come across data flows in their profession. It is subjected to information management, big data, open data, hyper-connectivity and information strategy. The minor Big Data will focus on the human, business and technical perspective of the huge data flows and how organizations could benefit from them.

The minor Big Data is a full time programme of 30 ECTS and is offered in the fall semester (September - January).  The minor focuses on the following competences:

  • Development of knowledge, insights and practice in the Big Data domain and information and translation into the individual professional context.
  • Analysing information needs and requirements in organizations using Big Data.
  • Design and (partly) realization of products in which Big Data is being compressed and communicated to make it useful to people and organizations.

The Minor Big Data consists of three theoretical course units of 5 ECTS and a project of 15 ECTS.

  • T.ACT.43.513   Conceptual & Technical (A)  5 ECTS quartile 1
  • T.ACT.43.514   Meaning & Value (B) 5 ECTS quartile 1
  • T.ACT.43.515   Visual and Design (C) 5 ECTS quartile 1
  • T.ACT.43.516   Integral Project 15 ECTS  quartile 2

Quartille 1: The first 10 weeks 
Students will get three practical and theoretical course-units on:

  • Big Data & open data
  • governments and other professional organizations
  • conducting big data research and strategies for organizations
  • business models on big data (opportunities, setting up your own big data idea)
  • analysing information needs (user-driven)
  • how people are interpreting information and adopting information systems (psychology)
  • data collection from different sources (high tech systems, embedded systems, smart materials)
  • data scraping
  • combining and visualizing data
  • legal aspects of data usage

The student has to write three papers (assignments) in this first quartile.

Quartille 2: the last 10 weeks
Students will execute a project assignment and write a research paper within the field of hyper-connectivity or big data for an organization or company. This project is carried out by a team which consists out of students from different types of studies! With  this assignment students will prove they are competent and that they can apply their knowledge in a new and innovative (research) project. Students will also be enabled to apply their own innovative Big Data idea or concept to a product or service or within an organization. Various assignments from private and public organizations will be available to students for application of knowledge and skills they have acquired. Usefulness of results of these projects to consumers or citizens will be essential.

This exchange programme is meant for second- or higher year bachelor IT students (Software engineering, IT Service Management, Business IT), students of Media Information and Communication studies and students in Art and Technology. Students from other studies can also participate but it is recommended to have some experience in the use of datasets, databases and/or spreadsheets or another background or knowledge in the usage of Information.

Deadline to enrol is May 15th. If housing is required the deadline is May 1st.

For more information about the Big Data: concepts, value and design programme please contact: (content) or (procedures).