In general, the EU & European Economic Area (EEA) allow for the free movement of money, goods, services and persons. This means that its inhabitants are allowed to live and work in any other member state.

Citizen Service Number (formerly Sofinumber)

In order to work in the Netherlands you need a Citizen Service Number (Burger Servicenummer or, in short, BSN). This number means you are registered in the tax and social security system. You can apply for a Citizen Service Number at the local office of the Tax and Customs Administration.

Residence Permit and Identification

Citizens from EU/EEA member states, do not need a residence permit in order to be allowed to work in the Netherlands. For more information consult the IND website. On this website you will find a "residence wizard" through which you can find out about the rules for residency in the Netherlands for yourself and any family members.

Even if not directly needed, a residence permit can come in handy: sometimes employers ask for it before they enter into a contract with you, banks or other official institutions might ask for it also.