Orange Knowledge Programme

About OKP

The Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) is a scholarship programme initiated and funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by Nuffic in cooperation with Dutch institutions.
The Orange Knowledge Programme aims to advance the development of the capacity, knowledge and quality of both individuals and institutions in higher and vocational education.

Eligibility for the OKP

You have to meet the following criteria to be able to apply for the OKP fellowship:
1. You are a professional working in one of the 52 OKP countries.
2. You meet the OKP requirements, check the OKP/NFP information for applicants
3. You are (un)conditionally admitted to one of Saxion programmes listed below

List OKP programmes Saxion

The following study programmes within Saxion are eligible for the OKP scholarship programme:
• Master Facility and Real Estate Management
• Master in Business Administration (MBA)
• Master in Management (MA)
• Master Innovation Textile Development
• Master in Applied Nanotechnology
• Short Course Civil Engineering
• Short Course Fashion & Textile Technologies
• Short Course Sustainable International Business

Application procedure

A complete registration and OKP scholarship application consists of three parts:

1) An application for an OKP-eligible programme at Saxion
2) Several documents that you have to submit
3) An application for an OKP fellowship through the online application form in Atlas.

We will explain each part further below.

1. An application for an OKP-eligible programme at Saxion

You can find a complete overview of OKP-eligible programmes on our website (select ‘OKP’ as course type). You can apply to one of these programme by completing our online application form.
Please submit your application – the required documents included - before 5 March 2018. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

2. The required documents

The following documents are required to be able to participate in the OKP selection procedure:
o Photo
o Copy passport
o Curriculum Vitae
o Diploma
o Transcript
o Language proof
o Motivation letter
o Additional intake procedure (applicable for Master in Innovative Textile Development)

The following documents are only required if you apply for one of our Short Courses:
Course description of your previous education, that includes information about the content of the courses, literature and study load.

3. An application for an OKP fellowship through Atlas
In addition to your application at Saxion and the submission of the required documents, you have to apply for an OKP fellowship through the online application form in Atlas.
a. You will receive the link of the ATLAS application form in the beginning of February 2018,
b. You can submit this online application between 2 February and 21 March 2018.
c. After assessing your application, Saxion will decide whether you are nominated for an OKP fellowship or not. The result of the nomination will be issued after 5 April 2018.
d. The final result of the selection will be issued after 7 June 2018.

Please check the Nuffic website for more information about OKP.