Studenten verzamelen zich bij Saxion voor de HOI 2017

The HOI-week in Deventer

Deventer is a great city for students. The centuries-old city centre, particularly the square around the Waag (weighing house), is a valhalla for those who love their food and drink. The pubs in this area stay open until the early hours.

Do you like good music? The Burgerweeshuis regularly hosts well-known bands and artists.

Alternatively, are you one of those students who likes to get some fresh air after studying? Deventer is ideal for that, too. You can have a great time running, walking and cycling along the river IJssel.

Obviously, you want to have some fun alongside your studies. Saxion offers a variety of sports.


Check out the timetable for the HOI in Deventer. More information about the programme wil follow.

On Monday and Tuesday, you will attend the compulsory programme introduction. 

HOI registration

On Monday and Tuesday you can register for the HOI from 10:00-16:30. You'll receive a t-shirt, goody bag and HOI wristband. You'll be assigned to a group during the programme introduction, so that you can start with the activities straight away on Wednesday.

On Wednesday at 10 a.m. your HOI journey will start with a welcoming presentation from our international crew and then the fun just begins! We start with diverse carnival activities at Saxion, from which some are pimp your T-shirt, paint your hair with crazy colors or even make yourself a temporary tattoo. As soon as you enjoy your “do it yourself” tortillas, we will be more than ready to move forward to our next big challenge for you, The Scavenger Hunt! And remember you all compete for the final price, so we deeply recommend the very competitive teams to attend our “Taal Café” where some hints for the game will be given. And here is the good news, the best is yet to come, with a BBQ party under a tent and a DJ!

After a delicious lunch on the Saxion Square, the Brink and the Boreel turns into a true sports & games festival. Are you going to break the record on the 40-meter long rush obstacle course or will you and your team win a game on the soccer field? We’ll challenge you this afternoon! And ... if you’re the one who still has some waking up problems, then you’re also very welcome on one of the cozy terraces on the Brink!

After a sporty afternoon, it's time for the one and only Domino's Pizza Party! Help build the tallest pizza box tower while enjoying a drink. After this, we will celebrate the student life with the Kick-Off concert. The party continues until the wee hours at the HOI Afterparty 2019.

Did you sleep in and would you like to enjoy one more HOI day? Then you are more than welcome at our activity at Fooddock. While enjoying awesome music from the DJ, various games, good food and an ice-cold drink, you can end the HOI 2019 with your group and others.

You can now register for HOI 2019


Partners of the HOI

To keep the HOI possible and afforable for participants, we work together with companies. For example, companies provide a activity on the thursday for all participants to enjoy, or advertise during the week.

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Your student life in the city of Deventer

Hanseatic city, Koekstad, Boekenstad, but of course the most important: student city. The narrow streets with nice boutiques and the Brink make Deventer very cozy. It is a city where you are quickly known, but where there is always something new to discover.
More about Deventer

Student unions

At Saxion we have a number of Student unions. These student unions are a great addition to your student life. In the Netherlands we do make a distinction in two types of student unions.

A 'Studievereniging' is a school related student union these are for a specific study or academy and are a link between the school and students, organizing trips to company’s lectures and other school related activities next to  organizing enough fun parties and outing for their members.

A 'Studentenvereniging' is a non-school or study related student unions. These student unions are mostly formed with the goal of making the student life as fun as possible.

During the HOI you will be introduced to related student unions. So if you want to add a little extra spice to your university life see if there is a group that is right for you.

Answer to all your HOI related questions?

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