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The HOI-week in Enschede

Enschede houses 20,000 students, which makes it a real student city. At only five minutes' walk from the campus, the Oude Markt is where you will find most student unions, patio cafés, pubs, restaurants and discos.

Of course, there is more to Enschede than that: great concerts and events take place regularly. For instance, the Oude Markt is transformed into a beach each year for a beach volleyball tournament. The finish of the annual Batavieren relay race is in Enschede as well, which says it all.

Students in Enschede receive discounts on a lot of activities, ranging from evenings out, haircuts and sports, which are almost free.

All this explains why Enschede has been voted the best student city in the Netherlands several times. There really is so much to do here besides studying!

On Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 August you can join the Saxion introduction: the HOI 2020! During the program you will discover student life with a group of 10-15 first-year students. An senior student will guide you and your group during the HOI week.


The programme for HOI 2020 is not ready yet, but the data have already announced! Make a note of the days below in your agenda and make sure you are there!

  • Monday 24 and / or Tuesday 25 August for the academy introductions.
  • Wednesday, August 26 HOI Apeldoorn
  • Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 August HOI Enschede and Deventer

On this page we will keep you updated about the program on all the locations!

Partners of the HOI

To keep the HOI possible and affordable for participants, we work together with companies. For example, companies provide a activity on the thursday for all participants to enjoy, or advertise during the week.


Rabobank has been inseparable connected to the HOI for the last couple of years, whereby Rabobank is our head-sponsor. Don't have a student account yet? Apply for one now!

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The store for studying in the Netherlands. Easy to order studybooks. Competitively priced. Free delivery.

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Need a new laptop?

Being a student has to have mostly benefits. That is why CampusShop is providing competitively priced laptop-discounts special for students. CampusShop is working together with 200 universities in the Netherlands and Belgium. Yearly 20.000 students order their laptop at CampusShop.

Curious? Go to campusshop.nl and find for every study a suitable laptop.

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McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Ochtrup

It‘s a beautiful shopping destination only 20 minutes from Enschede where you can shop all your favourite brands – always up to 70% less than retail price. You can also treat yourself to delicious food and ice-cold drinks.

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Are you looking for a place to live in Enschede, Hengelo or the surrounding area?
We make room for you.

Roomspot makes looking for housing easy and convenient.

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Stichting Jongeren Huisvesting Twente

SJHT is a housing cooperation for students and young adults between 18 and 30 year with a minimum income. With us you are at the right address for a room in a student house, studio or apartment. We are the rental specialist for affordable and quality housing in the center of Enschede and Hengelo. Our mission is to give young people a good start on an affordable location.

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Curious about the commercial opportunities, feel free to contact us.


Your student life in the city of Enschede

Drink a Grolsch beer at the old market square, go shopping at Van Heekplein, attend a game of soccer by the local soccer club or visit one of the 60 events that happen in Enschede yearly. Enschede is bubbling!
More about Enschede

Student unions

At Saxion we have a number of Student unions. These student unions are a great addition to your student life. In the Netherlands we do make a distinction in two types of student unions.

A 'Studievereniging' is a school related student union these are for a specific study or academy and are a link between the school and students, organizing trips to company’s lectures and other school related activities next to  organizing enough fun parties and outing for their members.

A 'Studentenvereniging' is a non-school or study related student unions. These student unions are mostly formed with the goal of making the student life as fun as possible.

During the HOI you will be introduced to related student unions. So if you want to add a little extra spice to your university life see if there is a group that is right for you.

Got HOI related questions?

Visit the FAQ's


Saxion protects the privacy of all parties involved in its educational and research activities. It considers it to be its duty to handle the personal data of its stakeholders with extreme precision and transparency.

For this reason, Saxion takes organizational and technical measures to prevent violations of the privacy of its current and prospective students as well as alumni, current and former employees and applicants, third parties and temporary employees, guests, and field representatives. Saxion wants to serve as an example for its students, who will have to take on this responsibility in their own professional practice at some point.

When you participate at HOI 2019 we ask you to provide some personal information to us. This data contains your name, address, email, phone number, date of birth, study, student number, Emergency number, medical information (allergies, medicines, diseases, diet, etc).

This data is shared (partially) in case of possible calamities with parties like HOI organisation, security, caterers. There have been made agreements among these parties about the handling of this data.

Two months after HOI 2019 the data will be removed at all third parties.


During HOI 2019 photo and video recordings are made. Participating at the HOI means that footage (photo and video) with your image can be used for publicity purposes.