Introduction 2022

Do you have questions about the Introduction? There's a good chance you'll find the answer on this page!

What are the dates for the Introduction Days?
Make a note in your diary! This year the Introduction will take place from Monday 29 August till Thursday 1 September. But beware; not every programme has activities planned on Monday and/or Tuesday. We will keep you informed about this. The same applies to the rest of the programme: as soon as more is known you will find it on the Introduction page. 

Will there be any in-person/offline activities this year? 
Yes, currently there are no restrictive Covid-19 measures in place. This means that at this moment we assume that we can plan all activities on our three locations Apeldoorn, Deventer and Enschede! At the moment, we are already busy behind the scenes with the preparations and what all this will look like. You will find more information about this on the Introduction page in the coming weeks and months.

Is the Introduction mandatory? 
The start of your study programme begins with a programme introduction, where important information about your study programme is shared. Therefore, this part is extremely important and we expect you to be present. There is also a general part of the Introduction with all kinds of fun parties. So the Introduction is not obligatory. But how much fun is it to take part in the activities with your fellow students and make friends right away?

Do I have to sign up for the Introduction week? 
Yes, you have to sign up for the Introduction. How this works exactly and when you can do this? More information will follow soon, so keep an eye on this page and the Introduction page
How much does the Introduction cost? 
There are costs attached to the Introduction, but this depends on the activities and facilities we use this year. Again, for now: we will keep you informed and share information as soon as more is known!

I don't know which academy my course belongs to. How can I find out? 
You can look it up on our website using the search function at the top right of the page. 

I start in February / I am doing a part-time course. Do I have to register for the introduction week? 
For our part-time students and the students who start in February, the programme often organises its own introduction meeting. You do not have to register. 
Where can I find all the other information to start in September? 
Need an overview of everything? You can find it here