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Saxion is a University of Applied Sciences located in three cities in the Netherlands: Apeldoorn, Deventer and Enschede. These cities might become your new place to live and study. Get to know more about these cities and our campuses.

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City Walks

Have you explored your new student city yet? Our city walks are fun, free and totally inspired by experts on the city. So whether you're exploring on your own or with your future fellow students, here are the gems we've already laid out for you on a silver platter! Time to go on an adventure! #togetherdiscover.


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Saxion Heroes - the podcast

Want to have a grab-and-go portion of international student life at Saxion? In this podcast, we talk with students and alumni who spill all the (honest) tea about their personal and professional development during their time at Saxion. Get inspired and become the hero of your future!

Start with the newest episode of our Saxion Heroes podcast. Just by listening, you can connect to Physiotherapy student Kate from Poland, who shares her personal story about her experiences at Saxion as an international student.*

*The podcast is available on Spotify. In case you don't have access to Spotify, you can find the podcast on Soundcloud too. 

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