Saxion - Apeldoorn Building

Compared to other Dutch cities, Apeldoorn is surprisingly different. It offers a peacefulness with its extensive woods surrounding the city.

Beautiful gardens and parks decorate both the centre and neighbourhoods of the city. The historical buildings, especially in the neighbourhood and the park district Berg en Bos, give the city a great character.

Apeldoorn is a municipality and city in the province of Gelderland, located in the centre of the Netherlands. The municipality of Apeldoorn, including villages like Beekbergen, Loenen and Hoenderloo, has over 155,000 inhabitants.

About Saxion Apeldoorn

Apeldoorn houses our smallest campus. This new, characteristic building is used by the Hospitality Business School to teach our Hotel Management programmes. You can find more ifnormation about the Saxion location in Apeldoorn here.

Apeldoorn - Hoofdlocatie

A great place for international students

Apeldoorn is easily accessible by train from anywhere in The Netherlands, but also has a direct connection to the international train network going to Germany, Belgium and France.

On you can find more information about the international trains. You can find more information about the national train network via .

There is a direct train connection between Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam going to Apeldoorn station.

There is a direct train connection between Schiphol Airport and Apeldoorn station.

Things to do in Apeldoorn 

Paleis Het Loo (the Palace Het Loo) was built in 1686 by Stadtholder William III and was used for almost 300 years as a (summer) palace by members of our Royal family. Queen Wilhelmina lived here until the year 1972.

After a huge restoration project, the palace and gardens have been brought back to their original glory. Since 1984, ‘Paleis Het Loo’ has been opened to the public as a national museum.

You can visit a few different parts of the palace: just behind the ticket booth are the Royal Mews with carriages and old cars. The main building has lots of rooms to visit (guided or unguided). The different rooms are decorated with original furniture, china, portraits, court-dresses and so on. They display the lives of the members of the Royal Family who lived in the palace.

The Apenheul is a zoo which hosts a number of different types of apes and monkeys, some of which roam freely among the visitors. The Apenheul Apeldoorn is known even beyond our country’s borders and offers a unique experience with more than thirty species of monkeys living free in large natural habitats. The zoo is situated at the western edge of Apeldoorn and can easily be reached by local busses.

Koningin Juliana Toren is a family amusement park with something fun for everyone. You can find this amusement park on the road to Hoog Soeren, close to the Apenheul. The park is known for its tower, which was built in 1910, and was later named after Queen Juliana.

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