Enschede is a medium-sized town near the German border, situated in the east of the Netherlands in the province of Overijssel.

Enschede has approximately 160,000 inhabitants. It is the biggest city in a region called Twente.

Though there is little left of the textile industry now, some of the factories and the houses of the wealthy textile barons can still be found throughout the city as monuments.

Germany is within a stone’s throw from the city: Enschede is situated about 60 kms from Munster in Germany, 150kms from Amsterdam, and 195 kms from Rotterdam.

Every half hour a train leaves for Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

A great city for international students

Enschede has a relatively large student population: many of the 10,000 Saxion students live in this city.

University of Twente is also located in the city, making it a great place to meet felow international students.

From enjoyable cafes to the large market, from fun student houses to sports clubs and cultural associations, Enschede has been nominated many times as the city with the best student facilities.

Fun-Facts about Enschede

  • The city of Enschede has a cooperative with two, so called, ‘partner-cities’: Palo Alto in Silicon Valley, California, USA (since the eighties) and the Chinese harbour city of Dalian (since 2009).
  • Originally, this region was very much linked to the region of Münster in Germany, with which it shared the principal religion: Roman Catholicism.
  • The language spoken in Twente is not quite the official Dutch of the Netherlands, but uses a rather specific accent. One of the main differences is that you will not hear the last “n” of a word.
  • Enschede has existed as a city for about 650 years and is now The Netherlands’ tenth largest city.

About Saxion Enschede

From 1998 till 2001 a lot of hard work was done to build a new campus in Enschede.

The building is the first real 'City campus' in Holland. It doesn't look like a traditional school at all. Characteristic to the building are the pavilions, which lodge different types of education.

The campus does not consist of just classrooms but also of study group- and individual working spaces, the so-called ‘study landscape’.

Saxion University of Applied Sciences - Outside the Main Building in Enschede

Location and more

The City campus is situated in a quiet green part of the town, next to the city park and only a few minutes walking away from bus and train station and the lovely town centre.

The campus has a lot to offer: restaurants, an espresso bar and a theatre. These facilities all contribute to a pleasant stay.

Take a look below if you'd like a virtual tour of the campus!

Saxion Epy Drost Building

Kennispark Twente is one of the 7 Dutch innovation campuses, voted as the Best Businesspark of the Netherlands (2013). 

Kennispark Twente offers a dynamic environment to the many spin-off companies from both the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences and other leading innovative companies.

The foundation helps startups grow, assists SMEs and industrial companies to accelerate their innovation projects and builds open innovation clusters.