Study in Holland - Get Ready

Study Choice Check Procedure

Upon registration, you will receive an invitation for a study choice check. This check is compulsory by Dutch law for all four-year full-time and part-time Bachelor's degree programmes with the exception of programmes that also involve the additional entry requirements check or a workspace requirement.

The study choice check consists of a digital assignment, an intake interview if appropriate and intake advice. The assignment helps clarify if your study choice matches your personal interest. It assesses your motivations and shows if the study programme meets your expectations.

Please note: the information on this page is only applicable to prospective students with an international educational background. See if your previous education was conducted in the Netherlands.

Start study choice check

Upon registration in Studielink, you will receive an e-mail regarding the study choice check and a link to the digital environment in which a preparatory assignment and/or assessment will be provided for you to complete. The nature of the assignment differs from programme to programme. You can find more information about what to expect on the web page of the programme for which you have enrolled.

The preparatory assignment

The study choice check always includes a preparatory assignment and/or assessment. Exactly what you will need to do depends on the study programme that you have registered for and ranges from an application letter to an assessment with one or more additional entry assignments.

The intake interview

A number of programmes involve an intake interview with prospective students following the preparatory assignments. During intake interviews, it is vital that you can clearly explain why you are motivated to take this study programme. The results of your assignment(s) will also be discussed with you during the interview. Not all programmes schedule a face-to-face meeting after your preparatory assignment, so to find out whether you will be invited to an intake interview, visit the website of your selected degree programme.

Intake advice

If an intake interview is required, you will receive intake advice in person during the interview. The results of the intake interview will also be sent to you by e-mail within ten working days together with any applicable further explanation. If you were only required to complete an assignment, then you will receive an e-mail containing intake advice and further explanation within ten working days of submitting the assignment. You will receive one of the following three types of intake advice:

A: There appears to be a good match.                                                 
B: Support and extra guidance is required, but there appears to be a sufficient match.
C: There appears to be an insufficient match, we advise you to reconsider your application for this particular programme.

Insufficient advice will have no consequences for your admission. However, the study choice check is compulsory at Saxion and you will not be eligible to commence your degree programme without having received intake advice.