Saxion Top Talent Programme

Top Talent Programme

Saxion offers several honours programmes and excellence tracks in English that run parallel to a bachelor programme.

These Top Talent programmes are a perfect opportunity for ambitious students that want to be challenged and want to get more out of their studies.

Top Talent Programmes

You can choose to join one of the following types of Top Talent programmes:

  • Honours programmes to broaden your knowledge
  • Excellence tracks to deepen your knowledge 

If you successfully finish one of these tracks, you will maximize your potential and gain a competitive edge in the job market. 

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Why you should do it

If you're a first-year student, are progressing well in your studies and are willing to invest some spare time and effort into something new, then a Top Talent Programme would be perfect for you!

Top Talent Programmes help you to get more out of studies and your own talents by broadening or deepening your knowledge. They're fun and a great way to boost your personal development.

Get your career off to a flying start with an upgraded Bachelor!

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Broadening or deepening

There are two versions of Top Talent Programmes: an Honours Programme and an Excellence Track.

Whichever programme you choose, you will follow them from the second year of your studies alongside your core Bachelor programme. Both versions last three years.

An Honours Programme is an opportunity to broaden your knowledge. 
Offered in English:
- Conscious Business Challenge
- Creativity in Finance & Management
- Liberal Arts & Sciences

An Excellence Track will help you deepen your knowledge. 
Offered in English:
- Advanced Applied Technologies
- Brain & Technology
- Creative Technology Research
- Export Expertise
- Research on Innovating Organisations

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Study hours

The estimated study hours in a Top Talent Programme are equal to 30 credits (ECs), distributed over several years (one or two mornings or afternoons per week). However, the ECs you earn in Top Talent Programme are not counted as the ECs you require for your Bachelor degree programme.

If you complete a Top Talent Programme with no delays and have achieved a good grade point average (an average of 7 or higher), your degree certificate will have a mention of distinction.

A Top Talent Programme does not affect the duration of your core Bachelor degree programme. Ending the Top Talent Programme early also has no impact on your core Bachelor programme. 

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Top Talent students are proactive; they identify opportunities and go for them. They are usually very eager to learn more and look for new perspectives on people’s behaviour and situations – they want to further their personal development.

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Janina Den Hertog, researcher at Saxion

The profile of a Top Talent student

How is a Top Talent student different from other students? 

Janina Den Hertog, a researcher at Saxion, is studying the characteristics of a Top Talent student:

‘Top Talent students are proactive; they identify opportunities and go for them. They are usually very eager to learn more and look for new perspectives on people’s behaviour and situations.

These students have a critical attitude and are open to new experiences. They're also willing to put in some extra effort and are motivated by their naturally inquisitive nature and eagerness to try out new things. Top Talent students don't take part in activities just to gain credits – they want to further their personal development.’