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Student Onboarding programme

Starting your studies abroad is an exciting and wonderful opportunity. However, studying abroad requires you to prepare and arrange a wide range of matters. To help you prepare for your big move, we have created an online onboarding programme. This programme will optimize the start of your studies at Saxion by allowing you to connect with a personal student coach for guidance and meet your upcoming fellow Saxion students.

The Student Onboarding programme 

Personalized support for international students

The onboarding programme is designed to provide a more personal level of support and guidance to first-year international students. The transition from your home country to the Netherlands, as well as adjusting to the Dutch education system might not be easy. Saxion aims to help international students realistically and honestly by allowing you to get acquainted with Saxion and the Netherlands, before the start of your study.  

To prepare you for this life-changing event (that’s exciting, right!) and to improve your study success later on.


Start smart with Saxion!

The onboarding programme is tailored in a personal way. So that we can, together with you, prepare you for your new student life in the best way possible. This unique personal approach will give you not only the opportunity to receive help regarding individualized concerns and questions, but it will also give you access to a larger community with other present and new students. 

By getting in touch with other international students, you will be able to build a new network that may be facing the same challenges as you or individuals that might be able to help you. Together, you can help each other and overcome any hurdle you may encounter. 


Get onboard 

You can attend the onboarding programme if you are an international student that has been accepted or accepted under condition for an English taught 4-year Bachelor programme at Saxion.*

*Please note that only upcoming first-year students can attend the programme, second-, third- and fourth-year students cannot attend.  

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You can sign up for the onboarding programme the moment you have been (under condition) accepted for an English taught 4-year Bachelor at Saxion. More information about arranging your sign up can be found in your Saxion acceptance letter.  


The onboarding programme is an online programme, available via Microsoft Teams. This means that you will always have access to the programme, at any time and from anywhere.  


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About the programme


The onboarding programme gives you access to our student coaches. These student coaches can help you to develop the tools you need to get adjusted to life in the Netherlands and the education system at Saxion. All our student coaches are experienced international students who went through the same transition and started their studies abroad as you’re about to do. So they know exactly what they are talking about and what kind of support you might need! 


The coaching process is about facilitating and assisting with the process of preparing for your new life abroad. Through weekly sessions (for now, conducted virtually via Microsoft Teams) and additional weekly check-ins, our student coaches can help you with preparing for your new student life. These sessions also provide the possibility for you to share any concerns or struggles you might have. The student coaches will provide you with handy information and resources to help create personalized solutions for any challenges you might face. 

Meet other students

By attending the onboarding programme, you will be able to tap into the network of your student coach and meet other future international Saxion students. Connecting with other international students before the start of your studies can ease the transition of moving abroad.  


Before going abroad

Before starting your studies abroad, you might have to organize some practical matters. We will conduct regularly sessions to address any questions and/or helping you overcome any struggles you might have concerning the arrangement of practical matters.  

Let's get practical!

Practical matters you need to arrange before starting your studies abroad vary from applying for a visa and/or residence permit to taking care of insurance matters, opening a bank account or... getting a bike! The onboarding programme will undoubtedly help you receive personal support, access to useful information and help you to be fully prepared concerning practical matters before moving to and studying in the Netherlands. 


Boost your study skills

The onboarding programme gives you guidance and support before and at the beginning of your study path. Obtain help by getting familiar with our education system, the progress of your studies and how to develop time management skills during the current pandemic. After completing the onboarding programme, you will have a clear understanding of what it means to be a student at Saxion.  

Learn your first Dutch words

In addition, you will be offered the possibility to learn Dutch and boost your language skills. Knowing the language can help you better understand the Dutch culture and society! Besides, mastering a bit of Dutch might come in handy if you want to do an internship or to find a part-time job in the Netherlands.  

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Frequently asked questions

Once you have received your admission (under condition) letter for an English taught  4-year Bachelor programme.

Yes. The programme will be available in Microsoft Teams.   

No, it is up to you whether you would like to join a meeting, webinar or session.  

No, it is free of charge.  

Yes. By participating, you can take advantage of this programme. You can decide for  each meetings, webinar and sessions whether you would like to join. The set-up of  the programme gives you the opportunity to receive support that suits your needs.  

Yes. As long as you did receive the admission (under condition) letter for a first-year English taught 4-year Bachelor programme.  

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Would you like to have a try out session?

During the Digital Discovery Day, you will be able to join a trial session of the onboarding programme. During this trial, you will be able to ask your questions and to obtain more information. Are you curious? Sign up for the Digital Discovery Day in order to start smart at Saxion.

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