Taster activities

If you want to get a feel for our study programmes, why not take part in our taster activities? From on-campus activities to online sessions, there is plenty to choose from. We're happy to welcome you (online)!

Taster activities: what are my options?

Trying out study programmes at Saxion is possible in several ways. It can be done online or on-campus in our buildings. And you can choose between Taster  Days and Trial Days. But what is the difference?

Taster Day: Together with other potential students, you will join (online or on-campus) classes. Discover more about your favorite study programme in-depth. 

Trial Day: Have you made your study choice but are you still wondering if Saxion is the right match for you? Come along with one of our students on a typical study day at Saxion. 

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It's probably more important than you think: you get to know the lecturers in advance. Maybe you were already at a Digital Discovery Day and spoke to a lecturer. If not, you will certainly meet one while you are joining a taster activity. 

When joining a class and experiencing our way of teaching, ask yourself the questions: How are the classes? Does this type of education suit me? Am I interested in the study topics?

And very important: you can immediately ask lecturers all the questions you have left! Below we give you tips and examples of questions that are good to ask during the taster day. You got this! :-)


During the taster activities you will not only see how lectures work in practice, you will also get to know some of the lecturers and current students from the study programme. They will all share their first-hand experiences of the study programmes, teaching style, living in the Netherlands and more. Ask your questions and you will get receive answers  from our Saxion experts: our own lecturers and students! Plus, by meeting them you can already create your own network before starting your studies. Win-win!

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Sign up for a taster activity

Would you like to know when you can join one of our taster activities? Fill in the study programme finder below and find more info, exact dates and times of our taster activity options. Can't find your programme? Stay tuned, more info might follow soon.

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Tips for a taster activity

It's all fun and nice, but how do you make sure you really know more about your favorite study programme after a taster day? Our tip: ask good questions! Here are some examples to get you started:

  • What kind of courses do I get and what do they involve?
  • How often am I at school and how much do you study online?
  • How much guidance will you get during your studies?
  • How is the transition from high school to this University of Applied Sciences?
  • How is the atmosphere within the programme?

Any questions about the online taster days?

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