Online taster day

Do you already have a programme in mind that you like? Very good! But...maybe you want to find out a little bit more before you really start your application. That is possible as well. Study online at Saxion with an online taster activity!

Online taster day

Unfortunately you are not able to visit our buildings at the moment. And yes, we find that very unfortunate. But don't worry, students and lecturers can also show you online what you can expect from your preferred study programme. Quite handy actually, because you can participate from home! 

Not convinced yet? Below we give you three reasons why an online taster day helps you to make a study choice that suits you.



Surely this remains one of the most difficult parts of choosing a study programme: what is it really like to do this study? Is your view of the programme really realistic? And yes, there is only one way to find out: do it! Of course you can't quite do that, but during the online taster day you'll get close to it!

You will be given special lectures, lessons and assignments during the online taster day. This way you'll discover whether you like the material and the way of studying. Plus, you'll do this together with current students from the programme. You'll join them for a typical day as a student. This will give you a clear picture!


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More important than you think: you get to know the lecturers in advance. Maybe you were already at a Digital Discovery Day and spoke to a lecturer. If not, you will certainly meet one while you are joining a taster day! 

Ask yourself the questions: How are the lessons? Does this type of education suit me? Do I see myself doing this?  

And very important: you can immediately ask lecturers all the questions you have left! Below we give you tips and examples of questions that are good to ask during the taster day. You got this! :-)

Student in consultation with teacher

Honestly, a lot has changed lately and you will probably study more online. Maybe you're wondering how this is going and what to expect. For example, how do you keep in touch and get to know your classmates?

During the taster day you will not only see how online lectures work in practice, you will also get to know some of the people from the study programme. And of course you can ask current students for the best tips and tricks to socialize! Win-win.

Student met laptop

Tips for an online taster day

It's all fun and nice, but how do you make sure you really know more about your favorite study programme after a taster day? Golden tip: ask good questions! Here are some examples to get you started:

  • What kind of courses do I get and what do they involve?
  • How often am I at school and how much do you study online?
  • How much guidance will you get during your studies?
  • How is the transition from high school to this University of Applied Sciences?
  • How is the atmosphere within the programme?

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