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Student for a day

Would you like to get a good impression of what our study programmes and student life at Saxion are like? Become a student for a day and experience it first hand! Join one of our international students and start discovering our campuses and cities. We look forward to welcoming you! Soon you'll be able to sign up for this activity so keep an eye on this page.

Become a student for a day!

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About Student for a day

We match you with one of our international students currently enrolled in the study programme of interest to you. Together, you set a date suitable for both of you, on which you can come and explore: join an actual class, meet with lecturers, visit the International Office or a student hotspot in the city. You can do anything you like to experience what Saxion has to offer you.


Anyone can take part! And if you’d like to bring a friend or your parents, that’s possible too!

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Together with the student with whom you are matched, you decide when and where you meet up. Depending on your preferred study programme, it will be in Enschede, Apeldoorn or Deventer. Are you unable to travel to the Netherlands? No problem! Our students can also set up an online programme. Just make sure to indicate this on the sign-up form.

Saxion - Epy Drost Building

Sign up here and one of our students will contact you via email within two weeks.

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Some tips!

Sure, it’s all nice and fun. But how do you make sure that you really get to know all you want about your favourite study programme at Saxion? 

  • Prepare your questions, here are some examples:
    • What kind of courses do I get and what do they involve?
    • What are the lecturers like?
    • How much guidance do you get during your studies?
    • What’s the transition like from high school to a University of Applied Sciences?
    • How is the general atmosphere of the programme?
  • Visit the International Office for more information and help on finding housing, getting a Visa or any other info you may need to prepare for the start of your studies at saxion!

Do you need help?

We will try to answer your question immediately or bring you in contact with somebody at Saxion who will be able to help you out.