Week of the international student - Thursday 19 November

Welcome to the Week of the International Student! This years edition is happening in a world where travel can no longer be taken for granted. Discovering new cultures and gaining international experience have become more difficult. But thanks to digital technology, we can keep in touch and continue to collaborate and learn from one another. Learn more below what's on the planning for today!

Game night!

Explore broader horizons with the international fellows at home and spend a nice evening playing everyone’s favourite games online🎲🙌

We will meet on Thursday 19th of November 20:00 CET via Microsoft Teams get to know each other and have some fun together. Sounds nice, isn’t it? There you can choose your own room and switch to other games room🧩.

Here are some games to be played:

  •  Skribbl .io
  •  Never Have I ever 
  •  Among Us 
  • Kahoot Quiz

Register here to get an invitation link on your email. You can also suggest any of your favorite games to be played on Thursday night inside the registration form.

We also include here the link to join the game night if you decide to come by suddenly.

See you there!

Become an international masterchef 

Travel around the world without leaving the kitchen with international recipes created for you by our international students. Anu from Estonia shares her favorite Estonian recipe with you today!

Semolina mousse

Semolina mouse (in estonian called roosamanna or mannavaht) is a very easy classical Estonian dessert. It has been very popular throughout generations and is loved by every single family member. It was extremely popular throughout the war times and the Soviet Union, where people did not have a lot of different ingredients to use. Both semolina and self made juice/syrup were easily accessible for majority of families. It is highly recommendable to use a juice that is 100% because otherwise the dessert will be tasting very watery. 

In my family this version of the recipe has been done since the 1920’s

Anu from Estonia


  • 1 litre of 100% juice (best choices are blackcurrant or cranberry) 
  • 1,5 dl of semolina (in dutch called griesmeel)
  • 0,75 dl of white sugar

On the side:

  • Milk
  • Optional (added on top): berries of any kind, vanilla sugar, grated lemon peel

1. Heat the juice with sugar until boiling

2. Whisk the semolina into the mixture, turn the heat down to minimum and boil the mixture on low heat for 15 minutes, sometimes mixing. The semolina has to rise but the mixture can not be too thick!

3. Let the mixture cool for 15 minutes and after that, whisk the mixture until it looks fluffy. In case you have a mixer you can use that instead.

4. After those three steps, put your fluffy dessert in to a bowl, add some milk and you’re ready to go!

5. Naudi oma einet!