Accommodation for International Students in the Netherlands

In general, living space is tight everywhere in the Netherlands although some cities are easier than others. At this moment it is quite difficult to find suitable student housing and arranging a (furnished) room from outside of Europe is almost impossible.

For package fee students (visa-students), including non-European exchange students, it is compulsory to rent the accommodation through Saxion Universities of Applied Sciences during the first academic year. European (exchange) students can arrange their own accommodation or make use of our offer. 

Our accommodations are located throughout the city – not on-campus, but all within cycling or walking distance from Saxion.

The rooms we offer differ in size, are fully furnished and have all the basic facilities, such as a bed, table, chair and wardrobe. You will be assigned a single room and you will have to share the facilities like kitchen and bathroom with other international Saxion students. The common facilities are shared by a maximum of 7 students.

In some dormitory buildings students share the same front door with more students but the common facilities are set on max. 7 students per cooker/per toilet/per shower.

Each room has a standard set of bed linen, consisting of a duvet, duvet cover, sheet, pillow and a pillow case. You will need to bring your own towels. The kitchen has a standard inventory with pots, pans and basic cutlery.

It goes without saying that internet is provided in all of our accommodation buildings. In most cases you will need your Saxion login details (Saxion student number and connection password) to access the internet.

Besides the above mentioned inventory, a washing machine and vacuum cleaner are also present in the accommodation. Caretakers are available if you need help with all housing-related issues.

The availability of the room depends on the start of your study programme. For details see schedule below: 



Room availability  

Bus pick-up date  

  • Preparatory course Deventer  

Per 15 January  

Thursday 23 January: departure 2PM  

  • International Business School  

  • Teacher Training  


Per 30 January  

Thursday 30 January:  
departure 2PM  

  • Creative Technology  

Per 4 February between check in between 2 – 5PM *  


  • Other schools  

Between 6 – 15 February*  

Thursday 6 February:   
departure 2PM  

We strongly suggest that you take the Saxion bus on the date suggested above.  


* We can guarantee that you room will be available from 15 February onwards. Since your programme will start before this date, we will do our utmost to make the necessary arrangements in case you arrive before 15 February. In case it is not possible to enter the accommodation from your arrival date you might need to arrange a hotel or temporary accommodation at you own expenses.