Starting your student life is daunting for everyone, but doing so abroad can feel challenging. Building a community of new friends at Saxion, can help you settle in. Meet new people from all walks of life and explore Saxion together.

City walks

Have you explored your new student city yet? Our city walks are fun, free and totally inspired by experts on the city. So whether you're exploring on your own or with your future fellow students, here are the gems we've already laid out for you on a silver platter! Time to go on an adventure! #togetherdiscover.


Saxion on Tour

This summer we are going #together on tour with Saxion On Tour! We are making a video series in which we fulfill the wishes of our (future) students and employees. Don't want to miss the videos? Keep an eye on this page and follow our socials! 

Check out the episodes of Saxion on Tour!

Yes, the time has come: the first episode of Saxion on Tour is online. This time with Ronnie's delicious Saxion soup and an orange welcome for international students Debora and Ana Maria. Check out the video below! 

In this episode we will start in Enschede. Here Daniëlle, teamleader podiatry, will surprise her colleagues with a trophy to put them in the spotlight. After we gave it our best shot, we took off to Deventer. Here Pien, a student spacial development, got a very special surprise. Her fellow students, while dancing, were waiting for her in the center of Deventer to go nuts at a silent disco.

We have already had the pleasure of making many people happy and in this third installment we just continue our merry way! We start in Deventer. Here we give Carin an unforgettable 50th birthday despite corona. Then we drove our bus in the direction of Apeldoorn to surprise Hotel Management student Joanne. Together with Bert-Jan, catering manager at Saxion Apeldoorn, we served Joanne and her housemates a delicious chickenburger. That was delicious!

Saxion Heroes - the podcast

Want to have a grab-and-go portion of international student life at Saxion? In this podcast, we talk with students and alumni who spill all the (honest) tea about their personal and professional development during their time at Saxion. Get inspired and become the hero of your future!

Start with the newest episode of our Saxion Heroes podcast. Just by listening, you can connect to Physiotherapy student Kate from Poland, who shares her personal story about her experiences at Saxion as an international student.*

*The podcast is available on Spotify. In case you don't have access to Spotify, you can find the podcast on Soundcloud too. 

Listen to the new episode
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Goin': to meet future friends

The app Goin' is a social platform for new students at Saxion. This is where you come in contact with other (international) students from the Saxion community. 

You can join smaller groups in Goin’ with a shared interest and make your own community. From workouts, soccer, yoga or vegan cooking, to LGBTQ+ students, or music, concerts and the best parties in your student city. Basically, just what suits you best! Besides the communities, the app also contains all kinds of interesting topics for new students. For example, about the Saxion introduction week or starters information. *App can be downloaded from the 5th of July 2021



You can find Goin' via the App Store on your phone. 

The app Goin' is a social platform for new students at Saxion. This is where you come in contact with other (international) students from the Saxion community.

In order to get access you have to create an account. After creating an account, you can use the code for Saxion students. The code is: 78817


Introduction week

You have (nearly) finished your exams and a fabulous summer awaits! Join Saxion's introduction week and connect with other students.
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Student life



Very handy and fun: take a look at IntoSaxion, Saxion's student platform. Here you can read all about the experiences of Saxion students. Moreover, you can ask questions to students who are following the same study programme as you. Almost every program has one or more students you can get in touch with. Check it out!