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Coronavirus: FAQ's and the latest news

Although most restrictions have been lifted, there are still some guidelines and rules for dealing with the Coronavirus. On this page you will find the most important things to consider.

Most important information

In the current situation, face masks are advised in the following locations:

  • When visiting a medical institution such as doctor's office or hospital (this includes GGD)
  • When visiting a church or other religious institution

The building manager decides if a face mask is mandatory in these places.

In all other situations, wearing a face mask is optional.

Consult the website of the Dutch Government for the latest information.

If you are experiencing symptoms that can be associated with the Coronavirus, you should do a self-test to check if you are infected with COVID. Self-tests are freely available at the reception of the Saxion main buildings in Apeldoorn, Deventer and Enschede.

If the result of your self-test is positive, you must enter quarantine for a minimum of five days.

After five days, you may leave quarantine if you are free of symptoms for 24 hours.

Your quarantine should last no more than 10 days.

If you are still seriously sick after 10 days, consider seeing a doctor.

If you require medical help after you have been infected with the Coronavirus, it is important that you telephone your doctor fist. They will let you know if it is safe to visit the doctor's office.

Do not go to the doctor if you have tested positive for COVID, always call them first!

For more information on visiting a doctor, click here to go to MySaxion.

If you need help contacting your doctor's office, please ask the International Office for help during office hours.
Outside of office hours you may call the General Practice center:

  • Deventer: 0570 – 501 777
  • Enschede: 088 - 555 1188

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