International Projects at Saxion University of Applied Sciences

International projects

Saxion participates in projects beyond the borders of the Netherlands. Projects may vary from taking part in joint activities in a regional engagement course delivered at a partner institution or providing expertise for capacity building.

Education and research in Saxion blend theory and practice, and international cooperation projects contribute with an international dimension. From an academic perspective, best practices are pursued, analysed and shared, for the benefit of the regional economy and society. International projects with partners from different countries and from different industries or the professions enable development of innovative products, processes or knowledge driven expertise.

Saxion benefits from international cooperation through staff and student mobility, as it means academic work and social life in a diverse context, with opportunities for cultural exposure.

Where possible, projects are formulated and submitted for funding to facilitate programmatic developments in cross-border settings. Projects add to the body of expertise in social, cultural and professional trends and conditions in other countries.

Science without borders

Green Source is an example of one of an international project in which students and lecturers work together.

WATER AIDED is part of the European Project Semester (EPS), a semester course designed to train third and fourth year engineering/life science students in project work. The semester is carried out at one of Saxion's partner universities within the EPS providers network. The team, with each 3-6 students, are build up on a multicultural and multidisciplinary basis.

Saxion takes pride in fostering institutional development, relieving skills shortages and reducing poverty in developing countries through education and the contribution of professional and educational expertise to partner institutions, their faculty or staff.

New initiatives and fundraising is coordinated by the International Project Desk (within the International Office) in close ‘co-production’ with the Schools. The Desk bundles experience in international projects and supports the Schools and Departments with project management expertise. The current focus for new projects is on cooperation with institutions in the EU.

Saxion is ready and ambitious to take student and/or teacher exchange-focussed relations to the next level. If you are as ambitious as we are, we would like to work together with you to achieve the goals we share. Our core priorities are:

  1. From co-operation to co-creation: To take our partnerships to the next level, we want to co-operate with you in a (greater) variety of ways. Projects add to the body of expertise in social, cultural and professional trends and conditions in other countries.
  2. Working together in (funded) projects: By working together and combining our knowledge, we can solve societal and business-related issues in our home region. Saxion collaborates in various ways with companies and (governmental) institutions in our home region. We build a bridge between education and the professional world. If you also have strong relationships in your home region or it is your desire to build such a network, we can work together in many ways.
  3. Strengthen our UAS profile: As an university of applied sciences (UAS), we educate students in professional skills and academic knowledge. Skills are developed through case studies, internships and a final thesis in which academic knowledge is used to contribute to companies’ innovation. We have broad experience in sharing this knowledge of operating as a UAS with other universities. We would be very pleased to show you the benefits of being a UAS and assist you if you wish to take steps towards becoming a UAS.

The International Project Desk (within the International Office) brings initiatives together, sets up new ways of co-operation and fundraising and co-ordinates the exchange of experts in close ‘consultation’ with the schools. The Desk combines experience in international projects, project management, innovative expertise and thorough knowledge of Saxion and its home region. The current focus for new projects is on extending co-operation with a focus on UAS-related topics.

Saxion focusses on Living Technology (LT).

Saxion strives to develop innovative technological applications that demonstrate social relevance and generate individual, social and ecological values.

Research and technological expertise is applied in 3 challenging areas:

  •  LT for Business & Industry
  •  LT for Areas & Living
  •  LT for Health & Wellbeing

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