Accommodation for International Students in the Netherlands

Once you have decided to study abroad, there are many things you need to arrange and prepare. Finding a place to live is one of the most important things that needs to be arranged before your arrival.

Since it is quite difficult to find suitable housing by yourself, Saxion arranges accommodation for all of our first year international students from outside EU/EEA in Deventer and Enschede.

Accommodation in two cities

In Enschede and Deventer we have contracts with the local student housing associations. They provide Saxion with accommodation with rooms which may vary in size.

Ariënsplein - Example of a student building in Enschede

Eva gives you an impression of the Student Housing in Ariënsplein, Enschede.

Study in Enschede

The Heights - Example of a student building in Deventer

A short virtual tour through our student accommodation in Deventer. This building was opened in 2014.

Study in Deventer

The rooms are all single rooms and furnished with basic facilities like bed, desk, chair and cupboard. All accommodations have an internet connection.

The bathroom, toilet and kitchen need to be shared with other international Saxion students, max. 7 students share common facilities.

Read more about Saxion Housing.

For package fee students (visa-students), including non-European exchange students, it is compulsory to rent the accommodation through Saxion Universities of Applied Sciences during the first academic year. It is not needed to apply for accommodation, this will automatically be arranged for you.

We encourage European students to find their own accommodation, but in case you would like to have everything arranged in time and want to immerse yourself in international student life, we offer the possibility to reserve a room in one of our international student houses*.

Our student accommodations are fully equipped with all the basic inventory.

Terms & conditions 

Accommodation is offered to European students on a voluntary basis; you may prefer to find your own accommodation.

If you choose to make use of our offer, please note the following terms and conditions.


The rooms are available from 17 August onwards. This is the starting date for all of our rental agreements. The end date and rental fee depends on your study programme:

  • Bachelor programmes and Preparatory programmes: 17 August 2020, total rental fee: € 5,050 (11.5 months)
  • Other programmes: please contact


Read these conditions carefully before applying!

  • You can only apply if you have been ‘Admitted’ or ‘Conditionally admitted’ to your Saxion programme.
  • Duration of the rental agreement:
    • Bachelor students and Preparatory students: 17 August 2020 – 1 August 2021
  • It is not possible to terminate your rental contract before the end date.
  • It is not possible to prolong the rental contract; you will need to find your own accommodation after the end date of your rental agreement.
  • Reservation is final when:
    • a down payment of 2 months’ worth of rent plus the obligatory deposit has been received by Saxion no later than 15 May 2020
    • the Housing Conditions Acceptance Statement has been signed and returned to no later than 15 May 2020.

Returning the signed agreement and paying the down payment is binding: once Saxion has received the signed agreement and payment, it is no longer possible to cancel your reservation.

You are allowed to pay your rental fee in instalments. In addition to the rental fee, we require a deposit of € 500. This deposit will be refunded if you leave the accommodation tidy, clean and without any damages. We do require a down payment of 2 months’ worth of rent plus the deposit before 15 May 2020.

Application & deadline
You can apply for a room as soon as you have been admitted or conditionally admitted. The deadline for applying for Saxion accommodation is 1 May 2020. After this date, it is no longer possible to reserve a room and you will be put on a waiting list. Please click here to submit your details.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

* Please note: if you are an exchange student, you need to inform your Saxion school about your request for accommodation.

In case you are a non-European student, Saxion will automatically arrange your housing.

In case you are an exchange student with an European nationality you can arrange housing through Saxion, but it is not mandatory. You need to inform your Saxion programme coordinator before 1 November coming about your request for housing.

The standard period for exchange students is one semester (6 months) and the rental fee for this period is € 2600. Additionally, a deposit of € 500,- is required. This deposit will be refunded if you leave the accommodation tidy, clean and without any damages.

You are allowed to pay in instalments, in that case we do require a down payment of € 1367 (2 months’ worth of rent plus the deposit) before 9 December coming. Detailed payment information will be sent to you together with the invoice.

It is not possible to cut the arrangement short.

Do you have more questions?

Check this FAQ first!