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Since it might be quite difficult to find suitable housing by yourself, Saxion gives first year students the opportunity to arrange accommodation via Saxion. We can offer accommodation in either Deventer or Enschede. On this page you can find more information about arranging your housing via Saxion.

Arranging your accommodation

For the upcoming school year of 2022-2023, housing for first years’ NON-EU students is no longer arranged automatically. All students need to apply for accommodation. Please secure your student room in time! In case you do not reserve a room we assume you will take care of your own housing. Please note you will need a rental agreement for your stay in the Netherlands. A sub-lease contract is not allowed.

In case you are an exchange student (including non-EU/visa students) you can arrange housing through Saxion. You need to inform your Saxion programme coordinator before 1 November (spring semester) or 1 May (fall semester) about your request for housing. The standard period for exchange students is one semester (6 months) and the rental fee for this period is € 2600. Additionally, a deposit of € 500,- is required. This deposit will be refunded if you leave the accommodation tidy, clean and without any damages.

The payment deadline for exchange students is set on 1 July 2022 (fall semester) or 1 December 2021 (spring semester). Detailed payment information will be sent to you together with the invoice. It is not possible to cut the arrangement short.

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In the cities Enschede and Deventer, we cooperate with national and local student housing organisations. They provide Saxion with furnished students rooms, so you can easily move in.

These rooms are located in student buildings, full of other international students. You will live with other students who decided to take the leap and move abroad! 

Curious about the student life in Enschede and Deventer? Get an online sneak peek!

Discover the cities
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Saxion student Eva gives you an impression of the Student Housing at Ariënsplein, Enschede. Get a virtual taste of what the atmosphere is like! 

This building at Ariënsplein is one of the Saxion accommodation buildings in Enschede, and was opened in 2018. In total, Saxion reserved 113 rooms in this building for international students. Curious where the Ariënsplein is located? A quick search on Google maps can tell you more! 

Get a sneak peek of our our student accommodation in Deventer, by checking out this video! 

The Heights building was opened in 2014. In total,  Saxion reserved 120 rooms in this building. Curious where the Heights is located? A quick search on Google maps can tell you more!

Let's get practical and arrange your accommodation!

Housing in times of Covid-19?

You might wonder what a day in a life of in a Saxion accommodation looks like in times of Covid-19. Student Dion from Indonesia gives you a sneak peek! He takes you on a virtual tour in his Saxion accommodation.