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Research at Saxion

Saxion aims to distinguish itself by establishing a reputation in the field of Living Technology. This involves looking at the interaction between technology and society.

Living Technology is not just about developing innovative products and techniques, but also about research into the impact of innovative technology on humanity and society (and vice versa). Our spearheads are innovative technology, demand-driven social relevance, co-creation and collaboration between disciplines.

Within the field of Living Technology, we focus on three main research areas, also called road maps. These are: Areas & Living, Health & Wellbeing, and Smart Industry.

Areas and Living

This concerns residing, working and living in Smart Cities. Our key area of interest is finding intelligent ways of living together, combined with the sustainable use of water, energy and raw materials. Our research is focused on BuildTech, CleanTech and MediaTech.

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Health and Wellbeing

All about vitality and self-management. The main objective is to allow people to participate in society for as long as they can, both socially and economically. When they are no longer able to do so, technology can help – for instance, by enabling faster and less complex diagnosis and preventive screening, monitoring health and helping to determine the least invasive (and therefore least stressful) course of treatment. In addition, technology can assist those with functional impediments with their day-to-day activities.

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Smart Industry

This concerns research in the field of High Tech Systems and Materials, which includes nanotechnology, mechatronics, smart materials and ambient ICT. In addition, we are active in the areas of design, recycling, modern media and manufacturing techniques.

The three research programmes are underpinned by the themes of ethics and new business.

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More research

Whereas our main focus is on the three aforementioned research areas, we do additional research in many other fields as well. You think of, for example, reseach in the field of ethics, business development, management and entrepreneurship.  

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