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Research is an important component of our education. Students develop an investigative attitude; they know how to apply research results. In addition, research stimulates the advisory and enterprising capacity and teaches them to be critical. As a result, our courses are aligned with the (future) labor market.

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Through teaching and research, we put the latest scientific advances into practice. Research at Saxion is driven by demands from businesses, local authorities and organisations. Our main focus is the field of Living Technology.

Our research areas:

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Research - Study in Holland

We aim to strengthen the international component of our applied research by carrying out projects with international partners, which also benefit the regional economy and society.

International projects

Saxion collaborates in various ways with companies and (governmental) institutions in our home region. We build a bridge between education and the professional world. If you also have strong relationships in your home region or it is your desire to build such a network, we can work together in many ways.

Connect Programme
Connect Programme - Traineeship at Randstad

At Saxion, we encourage enterprising students to maximize their potential and give them full support in setting up their own business. The principles of ‘social entrepreneurship’ are our starting point: enterprising with pleasure, attention and significance in the social environment. 

By applying the latest methods and techniques, maximum justice is done to people’s talents. Furthermore, we contribute to a vital labour market and new (regional) economy by working in close cooperation with the regional business community.

Entrepreneurship at Saxion

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