Study in the Netherlands - A Multicultural Experience

Our strategy for operating worldwide is to find partner universities with whom we develop joint programmes.

Students can start at their home university and finish their education at Saxion University.

We strive to develop real international programmes. This means that the programmes are taught in English language for more than 50%. And moreover, that the content of the programmes is internationally oriented.

At this moment Saxion University has formed partnerships with institutes in China, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and all over Europe.

To enhance internationalization, we are constantly looking for opportunities to form new partnerships with institutes all over the world.

At this moment most of our partners are located in the Asian region. Our goal is to have a broad range of nationalities in our international classrooms. Therefore we are especially looking for partners in Africa and Latin Amercia.

One of the first steps Saxion University took in internationalization, was appointing recruitment agencies. At this moment we are working with recruitment agencies all over the world to recruit international students for our international programmes.

Recruitment agencies can help students by supporting the application procedure and informing the student about Saxion.

Even though we are trying to make our application procedure simpler by making online application to our courses possible, we believe recruitment agencies still provide a valuable service by informing students and helping them with the procedures and regulations.

Saxion University of Applied Sciences has been participating in the Erasmus programme for many years now.

In 2014 Saxion has been awarded the Erasmus+ charter 2014-2020 to participate in the activities of Erasmus+. 

Recognizing the necessity of cooperation and development in the context of today's globalization, the University Consortium International (UCI) is established with the purpose to build a network to connect friendly universities together to develop the quality of higher education, science-technology and sustainable development.

Saxion is one of the founding members of the University Consortium International (UCI).

Interested in becoming a partner?

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