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Christmas holidays opening hours

Saxion has different opening hours during the Christmas holidays (Monday 23 December – Friday 3 January).

IHRM Students working in lab. Organisation

A successful launch of HR Labs 2019. New 3rd year Programme of IHRM

The 3rd-Year IHRM students have just spent the first 10 weeks of the current school year, working on practical assignments following the concept of Project-based learning. The collaboration was built around 5 projects for 3 of our clients and dedicated to the HR-to-Business theme.Our clients included Apollo Global R&D, Eurodev and Roessingh Arbeid. They supported us by providing with challenging assignments, enabled us to conduct research in the organization and present our advice.

100 jaar hoger textielonderwijs Enschede Corporate

100 years of Textiles in higher education in Enschede: textiles as fundamental necessity

The Hogere Textielschool (School of Higher Education in Textiles), a forerunner of the Fashion & Textile Technologies programme, has been underway for 100 years. It is obvious that textiles have played an important role in the Twente region; the region prospered thanks to the textile industry. However many of the large factories have since disappeared. Despite the loss of the textile giants, textiles education has held strong. This is something that we wish to reflect on this year; over 100 years of Textiles in higher education and the changing role of the textile professional.

Saxion-studenten werken aan internationaal matchmaking-platform Student life

Saxion students working on international matchmaking platform

Twelve Saxion students from the International School (IBS) are currently working on setting up a matchmaking platform. Together with students from Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu, Romania, students are building a digital platform to stimulate entrepreneurial initiatives between the Netherlands and Romania. The Sustainable Development Goals play a key role in this. We spoke to Marijn Sangers, who is involved in the project as a fourth-year student.

Saxion stads campus Press release

Saxion, University of Twente and ABN Amro transfer shares in BTC Twente B.V.

BTC Twente B.V. offers flexible leasing and rental concepts for business accommodation in combination with support services. Based in Enschede, the company focuses on innovative up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the Twente region, primarily in the field of technology. Since it was established in 1981, more than 700 companies had been based at BTC. After many years of involvement, Saxion, the University of Twente (UT) and ABN Amro are transferring their shares in BTC Twente B.V. to the Ten Hag Group.

'Hier bij Saxion gaat het niet om je gender of je seksuele gerichtheid, maar om wie je bent als mens' Corporate

'Here at Saxion it's not about your gender or sexual orientation, but about who you are as a person'

Diversity and Inclusion in the Twente high-tech world were key topics during an event organised by Saxion with partners from the Workplace Pride Foundation. In a packed central hall, speakers from the world of education and business shared their experiences of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Jan Mahy Research

‘50 years ago we looked at the moon, now it is time to look at Earth again’

Last week, during the Euregio Convention in Brussels, Saxion lecturer Jan Mahy presented the ambitious plans for circular textiles that Saxion and its collaboration partner have. Over the next three years, the TexPlus Foundation will give the circular economy for textile flows in our region a huge boost.

‘We maken de waarde van reclasseren verder duidelijk met data van het CBS’ Research

‘We clarify the value of rehabilitation using data provided by Statistics Netherlands’

The Saxion Value of Probation research group is one of the first research groups in the Netherlands that is authorised to work with microdata provided by Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Its aim is to clarify, using large volumes of data, what the work done by the probation service is giving to Dutch society – not only in terms of financial value, but especially in terms of social value, and from every angle, lecturer Attila Németh tells us. Using a combination of data analysis and qualitative research, we get a better understanding of what the probation service is achieving with its work in the Netherlands.

Saxion-docenten brengen Basisboek Blockchain uit Research

Saxion lecturers introduce a blockchain primer to the market

Arthur Janse and Chhay Lin Lim: both of these Saxion lecturers were impressed by the increasing and unprecedented possibilities that the blockchain phenomenon will offer the world. They joined forces and wrote a blockchain primer (Basisboek Blockchain), which will be published in digital form on 15 November and as a hard copy at the beginning of December. Chhay: ‘We have written a book that was not available in the Netherlands. It was a pioneering effort, but we have many more plans up our sleeves.’

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Autumn break opening hours

Saxion has different opening hours during Autumn break (Monday 21 October – Friday 25 October).