Visa and Immigration procedures

As a student with a nationality from outside the EU/EEA you need to have a visa and/or residence permit for your study in the Netherlands at Saxion. Watch the video and read further to find out what steps you have to take.

If you are a citizen or an official resident of a country not belonging to the EU or EEA, you require an 'Authorisation for temporary stay' or entry visa (MVV). Our International Office will handle all immigration-related matters and will guide you through the entire application process.

Check if you need a visa or residence permit

Want to know if you need an entry visa and/or residence permit? You can use the Residence Wizard on the website of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND): follow this link.

Saxion's International Office will apply for your visa and residence permit

If you are officially admitted (or admitted under condition) for a study at Saxion, it is time to look at your immigration procedures. We will handle all immigration-related matters for you, but we understand you would like to know the process and what you need to do to successfully start your study in the Netherlands.

We strongly recommend no travel plans are made or costs are incurred until a decision regarding your visa application is made and the visa has been issued by the Dutch embassy.

Start of application process

Saxion University of Applied Sciences is only allowed to submit visa/residence permit applications to the IND 3 months prior to start of the study programme. For the September intake, the start date is 1 September. 

Please be aware that Saxion cannot prioritise certain applications and cannot accelerate the application process for the visa and/or residence permit. 


Non-EU students for whom Saxion has applied for an AON insurance, please be aware of the start date of 15 August. If you enter the Netherlands before this date, you may not be insured and have to arrange this yourself.  

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