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Dutch law requires every citizen to be insured for health care. Our video will explain more and read the finer details below.

European Health Insurance Card 

EU and EEA students with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) need to be aware that EHIC covers only necessary health care and therefore might not cover all health care you need or want.  

Read the conditions, how to apply, how to use the EHIC in the Netherlands and more about the European Health Insurance Card here.

Additional Health Insurance 

If your EHIC does not cover all your medical costs during your study in the Netherlands, we strongly recommend that you take out additional health insurance. As medical care can be very expensive in the Netherlands. 

You are free to choose any insurance company you prefer and meets your situation.

Liability Insurance 

Next to this, Saxion strongly advises European students (EU/EAA) to take out third-party liability insurance to cover any accidental damage or harm caused to other persons or property during your study in the Netherlands, for which you are held responsible. 

The usual coverage against liability is up to the amount of € 500,000. 
You are free to choose any insurance company you want/like.

If requested, the International Office can arrange this insurance for you through AON.  The costs for this insurance is € 32,- per year. If you would like us to arrange this insurance, you can transfer the additional amount of € 32,- to Saxion, before 31 August.

Need assistance? Please contact,

For the first year of your study programme, Saxion will arrange insurance for NON-EU students through AON. The cost for this insurance is covered in the package fee, which includes tuition, visa & residence permit, insurance. 
Please, check this link for more information about the fee structure.

For the following year(s), students must arrange their own health insurance. An international student is free to choose any insurance company or can extend the AON Student Insurance via Aon. Please visit for more information and application.

Learn more about insurance in the Netherlands

Read the finer details via Study in NL here.

AON Insurance

Have a look at this video for more information about the AON Student Insurance.